Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Waiting out the storm

If you are Thing One, you whine because friends can't come over and other plans got cancelled. And then, you find the one that loves you no matter what and drift off to dream about a snow-free day.
If you are Thing Two, you find ways to entertain yourself. So far today, you've helped your dad shovel (help being a term up for debate if you ask Hubby). You also finished your very detailed drawing and started work on your own go-cart, pausing for a quick round of Mario Double Dash for "inspiration".

If you are Hubby, after a delicious and hearty breakfast, you make the difficult trip in to the office. (that would be up one flight of stairs, being self employed and a telecommuter, sometimes has its perks). You take your coffee break and shovel at least 6 inches, with 3 more falling before you are done. Your loving wife announces lunch is ready: beef lo mein and a fresh pot of coffee. You ponder whether you can sleep through the next teleconference and would Raj and the guys over there in Mumbai even notice your snoring?
And if you are me, well, a little baking followed by an attempt to deal with the indoor blizzard that is the craft zone. And you say a little word of Thanks because it looks like we will indeed enjoy ourselves a white Christmas!

The closest thing to heaven on this planet anywhere

Is a quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado snow!


Colleen Dobson said...

Did you just quote John Denver? Yes, send puppy pic's I need them. I'm no longer peeved at the hub, now it's my dissaproving mother. (It must be kind of like a cold, someone else has to catch it to make it go away?)

I need to send TZ the picture of her car in the intersection. She left, 1/2 hour later the bell rings and it's Jake, hahaha - I felt bad, had I looked out the window I might have been more helpful and taken pictures or something!

Martha said...

Nope, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Although I too thought it was J. Denver's song when I heard it on the radio this afternoon. What did we do before Google?

Puppy pics coming your way...

tz said...

that whole shoveling snow, only to feel like you didn't sucks, but i kept telling myself i'll be happy we did it when it's dig out time. jason and i took turns doing it.
and why would colleen look out the window, she was all warm and cozy w/ a good book on the couch.