Sunday, March 26, 2023

Right Now- March 2023 Recap


I'm listening to an audiobook The Measure by Nikki Erlick.   As a science fiction/dystopian book- it is slightly outside of my usual historical fiction comfort zone but so far I'm enjoying it.   It is a little bumpy getting started- as I guess it will feature 8 characters- that's a lot to keep track of when you are just listening.  Hopefully- my library copy will soon be ready for delivery and I can read and listen at the same time.   My favorite way to enjoy good books!

I'm loving that I am down to only 9 Mondays left in my full time school nurse gig.   

I recently updated my FB profile by saying "It has been said that grief and joy can co-exist" and I think that's a great way to summarize this month.

For there was certainly joy...

As I brunched with the BAGS- celebrating our March birthday girl- Jacqui
lunched with a few of the Crossroads Crew
admired flowers gifted to me by friends-
gave thanks that Thing 1's employer sees his able not his label..
and savored the sweet reality that spring is officially here...
But there was also grief...
as I mourned the loss of one of my favorite students. 
And while I have so much to say about this man, and what I learned from him and his mom in the 3 years I worked as his school nurse, I want to honor his privacy.  Yes, he had a host of health issues that resulted in us being "joined at the hip" on the days he was in attendance, the truth is that he was so much more than the diseases that plagued him.   He was generous- bringing in enough treats for the entire building to enjoy.  He was a caretaker- making sure that I too took time for my lunch.  He was a watchman- as he shared with me on a weekly basis the comings and going of his neighbors while carrying his trusted walkie-talkie to keep his mother well informed of his whereabouts.  
It's a little bit quieter with him gone- but all I need to do is stop by the water fountain and see his name added to our wall of inspiration.

I'm feeling ready to take back control of my well being.   I discovered during Spring break- that my mindless grazing and sedentary ways had caught up to me- as I huffed and puffed up a hill that really barely qualifies as a hill on a short walk to our park.

At that point, I realized, if I want to be sitting by my hubby's side, enjoying the sunset on the Baja coast next year-  I need to change my ways.    So- I have recommitted myself yet again- but this time, I shall draw strength from the reality that our days are not promised, so the gifts we are given, we should treat with TLC- regular exercise, good sleep, hydration of the watery kind...all will help make sure that I have the strength and stamina to enjoy the days I am gifted with.    

Until next time...
Purr more and hiss less....
PS- yes, I know I am jumping the gun...March still has 5 days left in it- but here's hoping nothing majorly memorable occurs between now and then...

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Right Now- February 2023


I'm listening to the hum of silence.    Folks often ask "if you don't need to be at work until 0800- why do you get here just after 0700.   Oh many reasons have prompted this early arrival through the years- avoid traffic, sip coffee with a colleague, freedom to leave name it.   But right now- the silence is a good motivator to update the blog.

When I started this blog in 2005- it was a spot to record the random funny moments of raising two Things.    I've shared before- as they've gotten older, I've strayed away from sharing these stories.  Oh trust me, the stories remain  and feature a wide range of vibes  from funny to heartbreaking, heartwarming to eye rolling- but those stories are theirs to share as they see fit.    It's hard- because well, my mama bear heart beats loud and proud for these two- and I want to celebrate them from time to time...

I'm loving that this month- was really dedicated to the healing of both Things.   On 1 Feb, the younger one had a surgery planned- elective in the timing but medically necessary.   We'd already endured one delay thanks to insurance snags.   I was convinced something would go wrong with this second date.   So convinced that all my brain could think of was the pre-op stage.   I totally glossed over the realities that come with nursing someone back to health after a 5 hour operation.    A weary-dreary week that left me reminiscent of those sleepless nights of parenting a newborn.  Of course- it was worth it.. Wo- but oh so weary of a time both then and earlier this month.   
Now- almost 4 weeks post op- the fog has lifted.  Surgery has been deemed a success and she's back at work and well on her way to deciding what next (work-life wise, not surgery- at least I've told her I'm not ready to entertain any more private duty nursing support assignments for the foreseeable future).

Thing 1 showed us once again what a giant heart he has.  He proved to be an amazing cat herder, snack fetcher and pill monitor while Thing 2 recovered at home.   A worried heart but he figured out what to do with that worry.

  Unfortunately, we are finishing the month with his heart worried for other reasons.   He was the eye witness to his manager's battle of fork-lift vs. foot...and while his manager is expected to make a full recovery (minus a foot) seeing an emergency unfold was a first for this sheltered Thing.   He's struggling to process it all- but again, his team at The Club is proving to be 1 of a kind- hooking him up with Employee assistance resources.   I'm hoping before long he will be back to his cheerful self.  

In between providing TLC to  the Things- I did manage to find time for self care- 

drinks with the Fairy Godmothers while we celebrated
a birthday, a homecoming and an all clear from the Big C...
and is any gathering complete without Dad jokes from these two?
coffee, cozy socks, kindle and cuddly cat...Saturday vibe at its best...
Solving the world's Bad Betty at a time...
I'm feeling content....
No- I am not catching the Baja sunrise with hubby and friends...but I am content with the knowledge that I am where I need to least for now!

Until next time...
Stay Cozy...spring time is just around the corner...

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Right Now- January 2023 Recap

 Right now

I'm listening to an audiobook called Women Talking-  it's a fictional story based on the true events involving assaults on women living in a strict Mennonite colony in Bolivia in the mid 2000s.   It is a tough book to follow- as the names sound either traditional old German, Biblical or Bolivian and with at least 6 main characters I struggled to keep them all sorted out.  The themes are curious- forgiveness, faith, patriarchy, community.   Some tough knots to untangle- that is for sure.   

But sometimes- Owen and I enjoy a book that makes us think...

I'm loving that the month is coming to a close.   I came back from my winter camping adventure- motivated to eat right, exercise, drink my water and just be committed to a state of wellness..  I confidently notified my employer that come June- I was moving on to new adventures.    I was participating in a challenge called Dry January (no alcohol) and even started doing daily yoga.   I felt great-

And then BAM- the mother of all colds found me to be a vulnerable host- probably because there was no alcohol to keep those germs at bay?   As I started to recover, Mother Nature decided to show us proud Coloradans what she really is capable of.  

Snowstorm after snowstorm, followed by sub zero temps-  Ok, lady- we get it- we are grateful for all the sunshine and breaks you usually give us between storms and we promise not to take your weather patterns for granted.

So with this- it was a pretty light picture taking month.   I did finish up the month with a ladies trip to the mountains- but even then I snapped only a few photos worth keeping.   

An adorable VRBO in the tiny mining town of Georgetown
Who knew Gluten free could be so delicious?!!!

I'm feeling  depleted.   Fingers crossed it's just the January blahs that reached an epic proportion this year.   Hoping that February brings a feeling of renewal- and I can get back on my 2023 journey towards wellness!