Friday, December 29, 2006

This time around...

I mentioned that I was caught up on chores, and this time around I was going to scrapbook. Well, I am no longer caught up on chores (in order to stay ahead of any storm, indoor or outdoor, preventive maintenance is required. Nothing chore related has been done in the past 24 hrs). However, I am all finished with my latest Make Her Cry project.

It's a gift album for my BIL and his wife. OK, mostly his wife because guys, well, they just don't get this whole scrapbooking thing. Anyways, it was so much fun to put together and FINALLY I managed to cry while working on such a project.

I don't know the details about their journey to becoming parents (as nosey as I can be, I also know when someone doesn't feel like discussing personal matters). But I have always sensed this was a long time in the making. So when I was working on this page, well, I just lost it. I mean come on: who wouldn't cry after reading this poem and seeing this photo:
The poem reads:

She is his blanket to warm him on a cold winter night. She is the food that satisfies his hungry spirit. She is his shelter from the storm, his comofrt in times of pain, his nursemaid to heal all his hurts. She is the wind that lifts him up when he has fallen. She is encouragement that guides him forward. She is the love that brought him here. She is his mother.
OK, so if that doesn't make you tear up, maybe this one will?
Can you believe next week at this time, I'll get to snuggle and cuddle with this little fella? Never, Never, Never have I looked so forward to a trip to California as I have this trip...leaving snow behind to cuddle with a little guy? What's not to like???? Shamu and Legoland will just be the icing on top of a very delicious dessert!

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tz said...

oh my gosh martha, it was well worth getting behind on your chores! those are beautiful and the poem....well i'll be copying that one and using it somewhere...