Wednesday, December 06, 2006


1. Library Patrons: I'm serious. It is awful, really awful. Just remove yourself now.
Says she who learned that Hollywood video isn't carrying season two.

2. I forgot to let the folks at Seattle's Best really are the best! I ran out of your stuff two days ago, and I've been in a foul mood ever! I'll even buy it without a coupon! (which if you know me, you know i rarely buy anything that isn't on sale or I have a coupon for, at least food wise).

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tosin said...

Well that reminds me of one I forgot....

Dear People Bidding on That House I Love and Want to Grow Old In:

I heard that there is mold growing in the walls. And the neighbors have loud rowdy parties all the time. And it's haunted.
That's what I heard.
Just sayin'.