Friday, December 08, 2006

Must Do List

Feel free to ignore this entry. This is just my own personal challenge.I figure if I blog it, then just maybe I will hold myself accountable.

To do this weekend:

  1. Finish up Christmas cards. The non-local cards went out weeks ago. But, I had this wild hair to make homemade cards for those in the area. That's about as far as I've gotten: coming up with the idea.

  2. Work on cards to go with the assorted gift cards that need to be passed out at school next week. Again, I got the gift cards ordered (here is my shameless plug: use your schools script program if they have such a program. It helps make shopping a little easier and your school's PTO benefits a little bit). But, I need to write a nice little note to go with the gifts. I'm sticking with the predictable but ever popular restaurant gift cards (my favorite imaginary teacher pal, Suite Sioux, has trained me well in the importance of keeping it simple and practical)

  3. Do a little baking but DON"T EAT IT ALL. Yes, that means you Miss. "I wonder why my jeans are so tight" Martha.

  4. Finish up the Christmas shopping. Those last few items are always the toughest. I'd tell you what they were but Hubby reads my blog (ah, now we know the real reason why I don't bitch about the hubby on the blog! The truth has finally come out.)

  5. Figure out where to stay in San Diego. And book the darn room, OK? It isn't rocket science you know. Once again, I am putting way too much time into finding the best deal out there. (ah, but i did finally find a coupon for a free admission to Legoland with the purchase of an adult ticket)

OK, if you read this far, I shall reward your curiosity with a photo. As this has been a rather boring post but just hopefully it will inspire me to stay on task this weekend.


tz said...

beautiful gingerbread glad your christmas cards aren't out yet either....i've had some come in and although i have my pictures printed i do not have the annual christmas letter written...sigh
and i don't have the excuse of beautiful hand made cards...

tz said...

showing number one son your blog and he's very impressed by your 'neighborhood of gingerbread houses'

Colleen Dobson said...

Are those upsidedown icecream cones I spy? Totally cool! I'll have to put that on my tiddilywinks list for next year. . . get it. Never mind. Silly old spinsters, laughing at their own jokes.