Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Last Day of 2006

Here we sit, with less than 8 hours left in this year. Reflecting back, it has been a good year. Maybe one of the best in that nothing terrible happened, we found some new hobbies, made some new friends, strengthened some old friendships and enjoyed good health and enough fortune to pay the bills. Yep, on all accounts, looks like it has been a good year for us.

I try to avoid making any resolutions. I do OK with the short term aspect of any resolution. It is the long term follow through that gets me down every time. So, I'll stick with my usual plan to do better and try harder. And when I get off track for whatever lame excuse, then I just need to pick myself back up and get back on track.

One area that I seem to overachieve in and thus needs little of my resolution energies to "do better" has got to be in the role of supportive spouse. Much as I don't care for motorcycles, I've set my fears aside and have not only encouraged Hubby to get a bike, I pushed him over the edge when he was debating whether to buy a bigger/better bike ( I likened his first bike to a vespa in comparison to those that his pals were riding. That apparently sealed the deal: he bought a new bike the next day). I readily approve all day bike excursions because it does so much to help boost his overall attitude towards life. A Happy Hubby makes for a happy home is my motto.

But I think today I crossed the line. I suggested he try to take the bike out. He has been wanting to, but up until today he has listened to that wise inner voice to wait a bit. And then along comes happy wife: You know, if you can just get out of the neighborhood then the roads are dry I said when I got back from shopping. His usual voice of reason (me) was contradicting what his gut was telling him.
Well, the good news is no serious injury occurred. The bad news: well, we're stuck with a sad Hubby/dad for a little bit longer.

Oh well, at least he tried...and maybe now he's got it out of his system? Time will long as I keep my mouth shut next time.

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