Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It should read S.O.S

Last week, Thing Two needed to apologize to mom. So, with the help of Hubby, he wrote his sorry in the snow. Only, he ran out of room after stomping out MOM. Now as I look at this photo, I think it should read SOS!

Apparently, there is another storm system starting to build. The weather folks are playing it cautious, but if you read between the lines and listen to what they aren't telling us, then one can only assume it means more snow in "measurable" amounts.

Aw, gee, we've never looked so forward to a trip to see Hubby's people as we are to our upcoming California adventure. For as frustrating as my MIL can be, at least they don't have snow! I'm encouraging Hubby to look into renting a motorcycle for while we are in San Diego. I just don't think either one of us can cope with his full withdrawl of not getting a riding fix. It'll be sometime between now and this side of "who knows when" before the roads will be dry enough here to ride. It would give new meaning to "fun was had by all" if he can arrange for a day of riding in SoCal.


tz said...

renting a motorcycle is a fab idea! cute pic of you and thing2 on xmas day!

Colleen Dobson said...

ooh - nice couch! When are you leaving for Cal. ? I just got a hot tip that Eaglecrest is the place to go sledding. that graduated hill along picadilly. You choose your steepness grade, from begginer to teenager who should be on Jackass.

Looking at Dom on the couch with the gameboy - i think that if we ever got into the games, Kevin would be the most frequent user.