Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I can't believe they call themselves Scrapbookers

For those clueless about a wishblade, it is this gizmo/gadget things that works with your own computer and all your fonts to cut titles. Yeah, like the sizzix only no muscle required, no plethora of dies needed. No searching for snippets of paper to put into the sizzix machine You just type and voila the Wishblade cuts your title or other assorted graphic.

Or so they say.
I must admit, I've never had the pleasure of actually seeing a real Wishblade. For all I know, there are just a bunch of Alpha Scrapbookers, slaving away hand cutting these gorgeous titles and then in standard Alpha Mom fashion they dismiss it is as "oh, just a little something I put together last night!". The concept of a magical machine that does the work is just to throw us not so Alphas off their case.

But just like that little boy up the street who just knows Santa is bringing him a Spy Car, I too hold out hope that there really is a Wishblade out there!

1 comment:

tz said...

ooooh, well then I want a wishblade too

and now my alpha status is dropping because I didn't know...
woo hoo