Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday Moment of Panic

Thing Two announced that they wrote letters to Santa in school yesterday. OK, works for me. Anything that gets them writing is a good thing and I wasn't as worried since the "Santa Spoiler" from last year is in another class. As I'm cleaning out the backpacks, I find the letter to Santa and read it.

UH OH! Although it is a nicely written letter it contains a request TOTALLY different from anything we've heard at home. Now I'm way too organized and efficient to be cool with a change this late in the game.

So, I call him upstairs and ask him ever so casually, "can you read this letter for me". (because the item listed is rather pricey and I'm afraid he really wants this listed item. Trying hard not to make a big deal of it as I figure out what to do).
It is only as he's reading his letter that he explained he had to put this request down because what he really wants involves using a "not appropriate for school word." (side note: when did he figure out how to pronounce appropriate correctly?)
? Oh really I said, wondering, does he want a "dammit doll" or a "crap shack"....because really what "not appropriate word" has him changing his mind? After all, this is my people pleasing Thing were dealing with: what word did he possibly want to use that his teacher said nope, try again?

And then I had my light bulb moment: he really wants a Nerf Long SHOT. And he realized shot deals with guns and guns are not appropriate for school. String all these factors together, and yes, he did have to make up a new request.

Ah, now it all makes sense...and thank goodness Santa is well aware of the real request and will set aside this false request to Santa


tz said...

hey i didn't get a santa letter in J's backpack...
but how cute is it that he doesn't even ask for weaponry (even the most innocent variety) at school, they must really hone that one it.
cute picture.

agent713 said...

Wow. He's pretty insightful!
WTG Santa! ;)

Colleen Dobson said...

I lucked out one year while on a LOW budget christmas - Caitlin asked for a candy cane! As you wish.

ipod vs. nerf ball? was that it?

Martha said...

Close...Nintendo Ds vs. nerf.