Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All's almost time!

For as long as I can remember, the tradition at our school has been to have the first graders Christmas party center around The Polar Express. Long before the movie came out, the kids would wear their pajamas to school and discover that their classroom had been transformed into a train and they were about to take a very special journey. It has always put a smile on my face to see the teachers really giving 110% to making this a special day for their class. Each year, as I watch the first graders march into school, beaming with pride that they get to wear their pajamas ALL day. Well, you can just feel the magic of Christmas flowing through their innocent little selves.

Tomorrow is finally Thing Two's turn to experience the magic and thrill of it all.

But man, talk about an individual taking the fun out of it! I asked him "what are you going to wear tomorrow?" and he says "I don't know, she said they have to be appropriate for school and I'm afraid that mine won't be OK".

So, here is this ever so gentle and rather modest kid of mine, concerned that his jammies won't past muster with the teacher. OK, in today's politically correct society, I see where she may have needed to address a few issues. It is December and you will still have gym and recess so whatever you wear, make sure it is warm enough and covers your body just as much as your regular school clothes do. Beyond that, or using big words that the kids don't understand. So not necessary.

What's the worry? That Jane will borrow mommy's very special nightie? You know the one she wears when the visa bill shows up and she has to show it to Daddy?

Or maybe Johnnie will decide to borrow something from his older brother's closet?
Come on, lets put the fun back in this event and just deal with "inappropriate" issues as they crop up.


Colleen Dobson said...

hahahahahaha - you've out done yourself Martha! - sadly, this mommy's jammies are probably more conservative than her first graders.

How about your men, do they wear english leather or nothing at all?

2 more days!

tz said...

now if he brought johnnie's older brother with him....lots of mommies would be really happy! I bet HE wouldn't make me smell the dog's feet!

scrappygirl said...

ROFLOLPMP! Thanks! I needed a good laugh this morning! :o) You crack me up!

I wouldn't be complaining much of Johnnie's older brother went to school with Johnnie today either!