Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Funnies

This writers strike means there is more channel surfing going on than usual at our house on a Sunday evening. Somehow, Hubby just paused the remote on a Dancing with the Stars episode (rerun I think since it had Lisa Rinna in the clip?).

Immediately, Thing One chimes in with a very excited and enthusiastic "Oh, I've heard of this show". To which he quickly followed up with that pre-teen sneer of "It sucks!" As parents we start to do a silent high five as we can think of nothing more distressing than to have our oldest, slightly quirky kid become fascinated with ballroom dancing.

No sooner have we recovered from his remarks does the younger Thing join in with his " can see her...wait she doesn't have a dilly dink does she?" He goes on to do some bizarre school boy dance move that makes me realize we should consider dance lessons before prom rolls around. Remember Elaine and her dancing on Seinfeld? Well suffice to say, she has nothing on Thing Two's ability to bust a move! Lord help us all!

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