Saturday, January 12, 2008

12 on the 12th

I'm trying something new this year. It is an idea I got from another blogger and it looks like a fun way to take a snapshot view of the year, just one day a month. We'll see how far I get. Here is my first attempt at 12 on the twelfth.

0615: Coffee. I so missed my Bunn super fast coffee pot. Although the condo did supply us with good Starbucks it just wasn't as quick to brew as my pot.
0715: Must I really unpack? And yes, that is a Thing hiding. Apparently I took too many pictures while on vacation because they both shrieked when they saw me with my camera this morning. We got home around 7pm last night but we just dumped the suitcases in the middle of the family room and called it a night. Flying is not my favorite part of vacation.
0845: Load one done, ready to rotate.

0930: on the way home last night, the check engine light lit up. Joy Joy Joy. Luckily Hubby was able to figure out the problem and we think all I need to do is get the oil changed (on the to-do list for Monday).

1015: Yet another Uh Oh. Somehow Thing Two's glasses got misplaced while we were playing at the Beach. Need to stop by the doctor's office to pick up a copy of the prescription. But they are too expensive to buy a new pair there. We'll head over to that other place...
1230: Why yes, they were ready in pretty close to an hour. He does look rather Harry Potter -like doesn't he?
1245: Got Mail? Sadly, while it was a bucketful, most of it was junk
1245: except for a back ordered item for me. Yep, I'm keen on my new keens.
1430: With the Things busy playing the Wii and Hubby off bonding with Maria, I snuck downstairs to play a little on my own. Oh come on, do you really think that is a picture from last Sunday's trip to the beach? How big of a geek do you think I am? These are from last Spring. Sheesh...
1500 Who could resist buying from someone as cute as Little Miss Jess? And fear not, I've saved some of my ordering for some other scouts I know in the 'hood. You come a ringing, I'll be buying. .
1745: The Sigh heard round the world. Thing One, the last remaining Chang boy who doesn't eat rice...decided he'd try it and guess what? He liked it. Let the celebrating begin.

1815: Did someone say celebrate? I'm all set to kick back and catch up with my gossip addiction and sip a cold one. Anyone care to join me? It is indeed good to be back home where we belong!


tz said...

oh darn...i just now opened your email! I will pick up next month though...what a fun idea...

welcome home!

tz said...

oh yeah, and cute shoes!

agent713 said...

Cute shoes! And yeah for the 12 on 12.