Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Report

  • Cropped till we dropped. Especially Colleen. She has discovered the ease of using top loading albums. There was no stopping that "weekend-cropping virgin". I managed to get about 16 pages done which was pretty good considering how I tinkered and tweaked a couple of my pages. (photos to follow later on, the battery on the camera is recharging).
  • Snacked till we popped. Thanks to TZ. She stopped at Super Target on the way there. Tons of food, even a JUMBO box of Junior mints that some how ended up in my bag. Oh yeah, I suppose my bringing over Maggianos figured into the excess of food consumed this weekend.
      Because I really like TZ, I won't show the picture I took of her. But look at the Waspina in the pretty hat on the posting about the Finish Line. That is her.
        Laughed till we couldn't stop. Thanks to Carol and her insistence that she had remained a good Catholic girl until her wedding night, and my willingness to believer her. . Oh, and there were some others contributing to the laughter, like Dodi's most awesome t-shirt designs celebrating 40 years of Marcie.

      • And mostly, we all just took time out of our busy lives to celebrate that gift we call Friendship.

      Gee, how come nobody else has a 40th birthday coming up soon? I am so liking this getting away for the weekend concept!


      tz said...

      both you and dodi did a fantastic job making marcie's cropping weekend 40th bday celebration a glad to have been a part of it...

      agent713 said...

      Do you have a picture of the t-shirts? They sounded awesome!

      Colleen Dobson said...

      Yes, I'm honored to have lost my cropping virginity with you! I need to do a final count, but I was over 20 pages pre-Sunday! You win an entire bag of M&M'S! Well, I must have eaten an entire bag of m&M's -

      Thanks again, clever organizers!