Friday, June 15, 2007

Semper Fi

Last night Hubby and I joined one of our neighbor's in celebrating her promotion in the USMC. Yes, you read that right: she's a Marine! I've always gotten a chuckle out of that (picturing some playground threat of "if you don't stop that, I'm telling my mom, and she's a Marine) yet I also respect the challenges she has dealt with. Serving on active duty in our military is hard enough, imagine doing it while being a single mom. She and her family are moving later this summer and while I wish her well in the next stage of her career, I know my boys and I will miss the family greatly. (she's the mom that took my kids to the pool last weekend and I got to stay home and go out to dinner with a friend!). Way to go Gunner!

Aside from that, we're looking at another quiet weekend. I should be all motivated to tend to some tasks around the house. But, I"m here I sit.

The boys are entering the homestretch of their school year and I can honestly say I've got mixed emotions. For Thing Two, the year can't end soon enough. He fell under the teacher's radar and well, that's pretty sad for me as a mom to realize that my son's quiet nature resulted in him being left on his own. Oh sure, he's about where he should be but at the same time..imagine where he MIGHT be if he'd had a teacher interested in the student as an individual not part of a collective mass that just needs to meet the minimum expectations for his grade.

And then there is Thing One's teacher where everything she does has made me think "she really is passionate about her profession". Thing One didn't make all the progress I'd hoped he would make but imagine how much further behind he would be if he had NOT had this extremely hard working teacher trying her darnedest to get him up to speed.

We use the phrase night and day when describing differences in two similar yet very different objects. Without a doubt, the teachers my boys had this year were "night and day" different in the passion for which they practiced their profession.

Yet another thing I hope to teach my boys...bring passion to your work. Whether you choose a career in the service or some other job...approach it with passion. Your efforts will be rewarded if you do so.


Colleen Dobson said...

yes, one was a TxFuk, and one was not!
I'm going to email the txfuk a "yes, I'd like a copy of the words they are supposed to be able to spell at the end of 1st grade. . . I must have missed them in her backpack that I go through every night - 3 DIFFERENT TIMES =) . . . have a great day!"

tz said...

Will you address it TxFuk?
next year will be better and thankfully you don't have any younger ones, and colleeno will be at another school no worries there either

i on the other hand...hmmmm,