Monday, June 25, 2007

One night stand

That's all I want. Just to be able to book one hotel/lodge/motel room in the mountains. A room that sleeps four, for ONE NIGHT. Not two. And certainly not four nights.

It could be worse: my friends are leaving in the morning for California. And karma is not on their side as they learned last night the house they'd made arrangements to rent MONTHS ago burned in the Tahoe Fires that are still raging.

Back to Google I go...and well, maybe 2 nights wouldn't be such a bad thing? It is hotter than hot here on the Front range. Two nights of slightly cooler, definitely fresher mountain air might be refreshing.

1 comment:

tz said...

a fantastic idea! i keep thinking i should cancel our mountain getaway next week cuz of school, but we're still going!-----i mean how great people travel for miles to spend some time in our beautiful 'back yard' and we can drive up for a weekend, lucky us

ooooh and sorry about your friend's plans....I guess it's good in burned before they got there and not while there were there....

i'm learning to look on the bright side :)