Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh the things that you learn..

Last night, we rounded up the neighborhood fans of Big Love for our second group viewing party. What a fun little sorority we've formed to watch this show together. I know, it is just entertainment and socialization. But if the guys can bond over a pig skin, why can't we bond over a show about polygamy?

Last night I learned about a philosophical practice taken on by some young adults called Straight Edge. I've wiki'd it and while I now feel more educated, it is just one more thing to add to my list of mommy worries. Did our parents worry about the future for us as much as I sometimes worry about it for my boys?

We also learned this week that a lifelong friend of Hubby's is going to be a grandpa. Yeah, pretty exciting stuff. Of course, it would be more exciting if the expectant father was done with college and had a job before taking on the role of dad. But, our friends are being supportive which is really all you can do when your children get themselves into such trouble. Help them work through it. I guess that part of parenting you never outgrow, eh?

That and the worrying...


tz said...

holy cow, I always wonder how i'd react should i become a premature gandma...yikes.
thanks for the wiki link!

Dodi said...

I have long since forgiven that woman that asked me if Julia was my grandaughter (you don't recover from that one so quickly)... but to be a grandma for real would be a little difficult I think.

And, in keeping with the new sorority... is this the boy's first wife?

Dodi said...

Also, I looked at your wiki link. You know, I'm seeing that my life is Straight Edge! Well, aside from the red meat, caffeine, and casual sex addictions. (I would have to call the sex Jim and I have "casual". TMI?)

Maybe I'll get the tatoo?