Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Baby update

We interupt this blog to remind you that yes, there are other adorable Chang boys out there besides just Thing One and Thing Two. Here's the latest photo of our handsome nephew, Baby E. According to Thing Two, he must be very strong because he's got really big muscles.
As you can see, he remains a happy guy and is now crawling. Good Luck Ling and Carlos: your parenting adventure is about to take a new twist now that you've entered the stage of mobility!


laura said...

That's not a's a midget sumu wrestler! He is indeed adorable (I love babies with those rolly polly arms and legs) and he looks like he has the personality to match his good looks. Best wishes to the family.

Colleen Dobson said...

He's Darling!

tz said...

my ovaries are just pouring forth right now in the desire for another one...good thing Jason's 'fixed'