Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dude, that's not gonna fly once you get married...

Yesterday, dropping off the library books, I asked the Things "who wants to run these over to the drop box?" When one of the two piped up, "Not me, that's woman's work"

Huh? What do you mean, woman's work?

"Well, women do the work while men sit around and drink the beer" explained Thing Two (bet you thought I was going to say it was Thing One?)

Trust me, he had to have learned that from TV because I'm the one more likely to be sitting around drinking the beer while Hubby does the work!

And with summer here, it is more likely I'm sipping a cold margarita and recovering from my moment of insanity yesterday.

I'd made arrangements for ONE friend to come over (the cute quiet kid that always brings his company manners, much to his grandmother's surprise...apparently, he's not so nice to his little brother and sister). Next thing you know, I've called another classmate and said sure to our little waif of a neighbor boy that spends his days just wandering around looking for someone to be with (are we that cautious or are his parents that careless?). Before I knew it, I was cooking french fries and chicken for 5 boys ages 7-9!

And the really scary part was how good they all were...I think that quiet kid must have shared his aura. Either that or my mommy juice was altering the reality of it all.

So today I'm wondering what little blog worthy comment they will decide to share? If it weren't for those crazy boys I'd have nothing to chat about!


tz said...

women's work...bwahhahahah
the boys are all very concerned what is considered women's work and men's work and they don't want to be caught dead doing the women's does THAT happen, I didn't think JZ and I were sexist????

Colleen Dobson said...

Oh, the boys have a mighty fun time because your willing to do womens work - calling everybody up, inviting them over!

Dodi said...

I've never heard my girls refer to "woman's work"... but I have heard them say that scooping the dog poop from the yard is dad's work. (Which, isn't sexist at all, because it totally IS something that is too icky for us girls!)

Lee said...

Altogether too funny ... I'm laughing out loud. DH has only just realized the universality of "mommy juice". Thank goodness he's laughing too ;)!