Friday, June 01, 2007

The blond leading the blond

Today my friend Fran and I got together for a LONG overdue lunch date. Afterwards, we walked across the parking lot for a wee bit shopping. Strolling back across the parking lot, yacking as we go, we realize both our cars are MISSING. Oh crap! What to do What to do?

Initially, Fran calls her husband while I dig out my cell phone to call mine. While doing so, my mind immediately races to the "how do I pick up my kids from school, Hubby has his motorcycle, and I refuse to ride on the back" to a quick "oh, what kind of car should I get as a replacement?". Such a full blown conversation goes on in my brain in a matter of seconds. Some folks see their lives flash before them in a moment of panic and crisis. Nope. I saw an assortment of really pretty mini-SUVs in my mental image. Most were silver by the way and had that Mercedes star on the hood!

When suddenly Fran looks up from her call and said "it would help if we were standing in front of the RIGHT restaurant, wouldn't it?"

I belly laughed till well, I almost had a moment of incontinence to go with my senior moment.
Good fun, good times and most importantly, shared with a truly good forever friend!

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tz said...

OMG....that is too funny. I'm belly laughing right now. And yes, I do think it appropriate to immediately go to imaginary replacement car shopping. .... I almost hit a car the other day (it turned left on my green in front of me) I swerved and missed it, as soon as I stopped hyperventelating my first thought was, 'hmmm, what car would I have gotten to replace the taurus?'