Sunday, June 10, 2007

Again he cracked me up...

Twice yesterday that boy had me laughing out loud. And considering how I was still trying to unwind from being all wound up, I'm so grateful for his natural innocence that often brings me to a point of laughing my hiney off!

Last night I was watching Entourage. For someone who is fascinated by the celebrity scene (are drugs really that plentiful I wonder with my Midwestern naivety), this is a fun show. You just have to tune out the F bombs being dropped.

Thing Two comes in and asks me "What are you watching?"
I had already reached for the remote and put the player on pause, when I said "Honey, you can't watch this with me, there is too much grown up talk".

"Oh don't worry Mom, I won't say any of the cause words".

The what? I asked him...
"You know the cause, well, I can't say them, can I spell them?"

*still dazed and perplexed I said OK...yes, spell one..
he points to his hiney and says you know...cause word like A.S.S.

Oh...cue the rolling on the floor mean CUSS words.
Um still can't watch the show because there is a bunch of other grown up things going on (making it my kind of show!).

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