Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dude, that's not gonna fly once you get married...

Yesterday, dropping off the library books, I asked the Things "who wants to run these over to the drop box?" When one of the two piped up, "Not me, that's woman's work"

Huh? What do you mean, woman's work?

"Well, women do the work while men sit around and drink the beer" explained Thing Two (bet you thought I was going to say it was Thing One?)

Trust me, he had to have learned that from TV because I'm the one more likely to be sitting around drinking the beer while Hubby does the work!

And with summer here, it is more likely I'm sipping a cold margarita and recovering from my moment of insanity yesterday.

I'd made arrangements for ONE friend to come over (the cute quiet kid that always brings his company manners, much to his grandmother's surprise...apparently, he's not so nice to his little brother and sister). Next thing you know, I've called another classmate and said sure to our little waif of a neighbor boy that spends his days just wandering around looking for someone to be with (are we that cautious or are his parents that careless?). Before I knew it, I was cooking french fries and chicken for 5 boys ages 7-9!

And the really scary part was how good they all were...I think that quiet kid must have shared his aura. Either that or my mommy juice was altering the reality of it all.

So today I'm wondering what little blog worthy comment they will decide to share? If it weren't for those crazy boys I'd have nothing to chat about!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Per Heidi's request, while I didn't get a good picture of the back side, I have this one of the front and will take a posed shot of the back. These are the fun t-shirts that Dodi designed for us to wear. It celebrates the birthday girl's love of rock music and concerts. We had to resort to a bit of detective work and thanks to Google we were able to confirm that the locations and concert dates were correct when we found her mom's phone number online and rang her up in Wyoming.
Teamwork, yes indeed, it gets the job done!

Oh the things that you learn..

Last night, we rounded up the neighborhood fans of Big Love for our second group viewing party. What a fun little sorority we've formed to watch this show together. I know, it is just entertainment and socialization. But if the guys can bond over a pig skin, why can't we bond over a show about polygamy?

Last night I learned about a philosophical practice taken on by some young adults called Straight Edge. I've wiki'd it and while I now feel more educated, it is just one more thing to add to my list of mommy worries. Did our parents worry about the future for us as much as I sometimes worry about it for my boys?

We also learned this week that a lifelong friend of Hubby's is going to be a grandpa. Yeah, pretty exciting stuff. Of course, it would be more exciting if the expectant father was done with college and had a job before taking on the role of dad. But, our friends are being supportive which is really all you can do when your children get themselves into such trouble. Help them work through it. I guess that part of parenting you never outgrow, eh?

That and the worrying...

Monday, June 25, 2007

One night stand

That's all I want. Just to be able to book one hotel/lodge/motel room in the mountains. A room that sleeps four, for ONE NIGHT. Not two. And certainly not four nights.

It could be worse: my friends are leaving in the morning for California. And karma is not on their side as they learned last night the house they'd made arrangements to rent MONTHS ago burned in the Tahoe Fires that are still raging.

Back to Google I go...and well, maybe 2 nights wouldn't be such a bad thing? It is hotter than hot here on the Front range. Two nights of slightly cooler, definitely fresher mountain air might be refreshing.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Report

  • Cropped till we dropped. Especially Colleen. She has discovered the ease of using top loading albums. There was no stopping that "weekend-cropping virgin". I managed to get about 16 pages done which was pretty good considering how I tinkered and tweaked a couple of my pages. (photos to follow later on, the battery on the camera is recharging).
  • Snacked till we popped. Thanks to TZ. She stopped at Super Target on the way there. Tons of food, even a JUMBO box of Junior mints that some how ended up in my bag. Oh yeah, I suppose my bringing over Maggianos figured into the excess of food consumed this weekend.
      Because I really like TZ, I won't show the picture I took of her. But look at the Waspina in the pretty hat on the posting about the Finish Line. That is her.
        Laughed till we couldn't stop. Thanks to Carol and her insistence that she had remained a good Catholic girl until her wedding night, and my willingness to believer her. . Oh, and there were some others contributing to the laughter, like Dodi's most awesome t-shirt designs celebrating 40 years of Marcie.

      • And mostly, we all just took time out of our busy lives to celebrate that gift we call Friendship.

      Gee, how come nobody else has a 40th birthday coming up soon? I am so liking this getting away for the weekend concept!

      Friday, June 22, 2007

      The Finish Line

      Yahoo! I made it to the end of the year without making any more scenes. And if you know me and my mouth, that says a lot.

      And since TZ asked so nicely, here are some photos from the last day of Goof Off Week. All in all, the boys both had great years. They grow so much over the course of a school year and it is easy to get stuck in the rut of what they didn't master, when really if I take a step back and see all that they did master, well, it puts a smile on my face.
      So, I'm out of here for the weekend. A good friend turned 40 last month and requested a slumber party adventure. Merlot, Italian food, laughter and time away from kidlets: the perfect recipe for a primo weekend. I'm taking my craft crap but not making any promises on whether I'll get much done. I"d like to, but more importantly, I want to have make sure my friend realizes that turning 40 is when the fun really gets started!

      PS: you may call off the paparazzi intervention. I've recovered from my picture problem, having snapped 90 pictures in the last 2 days of goof off week events. Maybe I'd better re-think my scrapbooking goals?

      Wednesday, June 20, 2007

      Goof Off Week continues

      For your viewing pleasure. Another track wide adventure across the street to the neighborhood park. Got a little warm there towards the end but the kids had fun.
      And lesson learned, no matter how old you get, it is still fun to have lunch with your momma!

      Stream of Consciousness

      Seems I"m the last one in my usual circle of blogging pals to give this challenge a whirl:
      • the challenge: Just write. Stream of consciousness. Doesn't matter if it even makes sense. Who cares if it flows. Just start. Just type whatever pops into your brain. Go.

      Man, my head hurts this morning. did i take some allergy/sinus/headache stuff. Yeah I did, I left the water glass on the counter. Coffee probably making it worse. who cares. I love my morning cup of Joe. would people be surprised to learn I talk to myself a lot. need to find out what time the classes are going to the park for their picnic. promised to bring the boys mcdonalds and extra fries for their friends. come home. clean up the basement. work on teachers gift. fold laundry from yesterday, start laundry for today. make some long overdue cards. check with aunt Phyllis to make sure that we can stay with them next month or should we stay in a hotel with a pool ?but the boys aren't as excited about just swimming as they once were. Tired. Is it Friday yet? Take out the trash. Figure out which smoke detector is beeping. quit talking to myself: let it go, it isn't a big deal. Uh oh Gotta go . coffee is kicking in. am I done talking? no I've always got something more to say. that's a problem I should work on. work out: walk this morning with Sherri: my favorite new morning ritual second only to the cup of coffee. look are we almost out of good coffee? Yeah there is always folgers, but it is FOLGERS for goodness sake. Emergency use only. add it to the grocery list. now I really have to go potty. outta here. Still talking to myself.

      Whew...I'm tired but it feels good to take that conversation and release it.

      Tuesday, June 19, 2007

      Short Shorts

      Remember the jingle: Who wears short shorts? Well, lately I've noticed Thing Two has been wearing pants to school, even as the temperatures start to climb. I recall asking him a time or to, "why not wear shorts" and he'd grumble and moan that his shorts were too short.

      Oh man, Mr. Modesty? I don't know if I can handle two extremes: a boy who thinks his shorts are too short and a boy who thinks if you've got underwear on, you are good to go in the clothing requirement.

      So, this morning I came just short of begging him to please put on some shorts (it is supposed to reach 90 degrees this afternoon). He complied with my request, and came over, pointed to the waist band (very snug I noticed) "See, I told you they are too short for my belly!".

      Light bulb moment for Mom. I laughed as I explained that would be too tight, not too short.
      Add to today's to do list: Buy Boy some not so short shorts....

      Monday, June 18, 2007

      Quick, you'd better notify the authorities

      The boys had their class trip to the Reservoir today. I had my camera. I had every intention of snapping a bunch of fun photos. I ended up taking 10, and of those, maybe 3 are worth keeping.
      That has to be a new record low for me. And why you ask was I so uninspired? I could come up with a long list of possible explanations but suffice to say...we just need to make it through this week. My brain is weary. My patience is about to run out. It is just time to put an end to this school year.
      I don't think I"m alone in this thought. At our usual end of the day chat, I asked Thing Two what was his favorite part of the day and he replied "Playing with C. and TJ after school". C is the neighbor boy that moved away last year and is in town this week visiting.

      Yep, get those mugs a frostin' and the bucket of Margaritas a chillin' because I'm ready to say goodbye to learning and hello to Summer Fun!

      Sunday, June 17, 2007


      "The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead.” R. Brault

      Yeah, I am still procrasting...

      Blog challenges: still playing catch up

      And this morning, doing a little procrastination, so figured, why not do last week's blog challenge?
      Here it is..


      ARCHAEOLOGY: the study of material remains
      • What's the oldest article of clothing you still wear?: I'd guess it is a sweatshirt from some time in the late 1990s.
      • What's the oldest article of clothing you won't get rid of? There are a couple items stashed in a closet that were made by mom/grandma that for sentimental reasons I can't part with.
      • When was the house/building you live in built? Hubby will correct me on this one, but early 1990s. ?1992 I believe
      • What in your fridge needs to be thrown out? while it is clear of old food, something sticky spilled that needs to be wiped up.

      BIBLIOLOGY: the study of publication

      • What are you reading? Right now, blogs and message boards, but I have two books from the library I'd like to start on.
      • Do you have a favorite quote? Live Love Laugh
      • What's the most recent music you purchased? I keep telling you, I'm very musically impaired.
      • What book could you read again without being bored? The Red Tent

      CARDIOLOGY: the study of the heart

      • How old were you the first time you fell in love? in my 20s.
      • What charities do you have a heart for? Breast cancer and autism awareness
      • What's the best way someone can show their love for you? listening to me, standing by my side during troubled times.
      • Name five things you "love": family, friends, high speed internet, crafts and reading

      PHYSIOLOGY: the study of physical function

      • Are you right-handed or left-handed? Left because you all know we are the only ones in our right minds!
      • Do you like your smile? yes, but these extra chins I keep developing seem to be detracting from my appreciation of my smile. Gotta work too hard to make sure the smile looks natural without the chins overpowering the look.
      • What's your best feature? a physical attribute? Well, I guess I'd say my eyes.
      • Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Wisdom teeth?
      • Which of your five senses do you think is keenest? Intuition, I know not one of the 5 but it is my keenest so there.

      OMNOLOGY: the study of everything

      • What color do you think looks best on you? Periwinkle. I once heard everyone looks good in it and I think that's right.
      • Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake? No, that talent seems to be reserved for Thing One.
      • What's your favorite flavor of gum? TMJ: try to avoid it. In a pinch of halitosis with no access to a breath mint, I"ll go with something minty.
      • Where's the first place you went today? to the coffee supply cabinet.
      • Do you stand or sit in the shower? except for when I broke my foot, I am a stander.

      AXIOLOGY: the study of the nature of values and value judgments

      • Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $100,000? if I get to pick the time and the street.
      • Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100? As long as it isn't French smooching
      • Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000? I guess if there was a magazine that targeted saggy boobs and thunderous thighs, sure why not?
      • What value is of utmost importance to you in a friend? loyalty
      • Would you accept an indecent proposal for $1,000,000? I'd talk it over with Hubby, but yeah, assuming it doesn't involve anything anal...why not we could use the cash.

      TECHNOLOGY: usage and knowledge of tools

      • What's the last movie you saw? Family movie night last night: Night at the Museum
      • What's the first website you visit when you log on?check my email
      • What's your ring tone? I don't know, the phone rings so infrequently.
      • Would you quit blogging for $25,000? Finally, a tough one. Since it has become a way for me and my busy friends to chat with each other when we each have a free moment, it would be a hard call because staying connected with my friends despite our busy schedules is very important to me. I guess, but we'd all have to use that $ to get together regularly and catch up.
      • What piece of equipment do you wish you owned? The thought that there is a gadget out there that we don't own just seems simply impossible to imagine.

      GENEALOGY: the study of relationships within families

      • Is there a specific family member you're really missing right now? my mom of course
      • Who is your oldest living relative? I'm thinking there is a great aunt out there still alive but as for close relatives, we've lost most of my grandma's generation, so I guess some Uncle in his late 70s? My grandmothers did make it into their 90s but we've moved on to the next generation is seems.
      • Are you named after anyone? according to family, no. Which just seems odd because Martha is so old fashioned, you'd think I was named after somebody.
      • Is there anyone really famous in your family tree nope, but I"m sure we've got a couple skeletons in the closet. Doesn't everyone?

      Friday, June 15, 2007

      Semper Fi

      Last night Hubby and I joined one of our neighbor's in celebrating her promotion in the USMC. Yes, you read that right: she's a Marine! I've always gotten a chuckle out of that (picturing some playground threat of "if you don't stop that, I'm telling my mom, and she's a Marine) yet I also respect the challenges she has dealt with. Serving on active duty in our military is hard enough, imagine doing it while being a single mom. She and her family are moving later this summer and while I wish her well in the next stage of her career, I know my boys and I will miss the family greatly. (she's the mom that took my kids to the pool last weekend and I got to stay home and go out to dinner with a friend!). Way to go Gunner!

      Aside from that, we're looking at another quiet weekend. I should be all motivated to tend to some tasks around the house. But, I"m here I sit.

      The boys are entering the homestretch of their school year and I can honestly say I've got mixed emotions. For Thing Two, the year can't end soon enough. He fell under the teacher's radar and well, that's pretty sad for me as a mom to realize that my son's quiet nature resulted in him being left on his own. Oh sure, he's about where he should be but at the same time..imagine where he MIGHT be if he'd had a teacher interested in the student as an individual not part of a collective mass that just needs to meet the minimum expectations for his grade.

      And then there is Thing One's teacher where everything she does has made me think "she really is passionate about her profession". Thing One didn't make all the progress I'd hoped he would make but imagine how much further behind he would be if he had NOT had this extremely hard working teacher trying her darnedest to get him up to speed.

      We use the phrase night and day when describing differences in two similar yet very different objects. Without a doubt, the teachers my boys had this year were "night and day" different in the passion for which they practiced their profession.

      Yet another thing I hope to teach my boys...bring passion to your work. Whether you choose a career in the service or some other job...approach it with passion. Your efforts will be rewarded if you do so.

      A first grade shake down?

      I'm still not sure what he's up to, but Thing Two was begging to take some $ to school. He said he wanted to pay a debt for one of his pals. Aw, that's so sweet, but seriously, first graders shaking each other down? I thought we went through this in kindergarten? Haven't we moved on to some other tactic? Wedgies, wet willies or even swirlies?

      Apparently, one kid accidentally tripped another kid and the tripped kid said "you owe me". And somewhere in this conversation Thing Two decided that meant paying the tripped one some cash. I tried my best to talk him out of this but I could see he was pretty anxious about it all, and yet the facts and the timing of his concern just didn't add up. Listening to his story sounded like he'd taken bits and pieces of all sorts of past encounters and created one huge Friday Morning Fear. Add in that all of this unfolds in the five minutes before we head out the door for school...and well, yes, he left home with $1 in his pocket to pay his friend's debt.

      Odds are there is a momma who is going to discover an extra dollar in her daughter's pocket and say "Where did this come from?" and I'm guessing the little girl will say "I have NO idea, But Thing Two insisted I take it and I didn't want to hurt his feelings".

      Man...I'm gonna miss the innocence of first grade (but that is about all I"ll miss!)

      Thursday, June 14, 2007

      Color Check...

      It is Jun 14th. Go fly the colors!

      Letting Go

      Has never come easily for me. I get myself so worked up over something rather small and I just can'

      But, I must.
      I need to.
      I will not get the satisfaction I need no matter how much I harp on it.

      Enough. The matter has been dropped.
      It is time to bring out the fun.
      And since I've been in a funk all week, I haven't had much fun to share. For your laugh of the day, go read about a creative way to handle an annoying phone call.

      Wednesday, June 13, 2007

      Big Love Premiere Party

      Thanks Shania for hosting our Big Love gathering. I think Lucy and I are going to run off and get hitched. Never mind that she's a bitch, I love her just the same! (Lucy the Great Dane and I were cuddling on the couch. Was it me that she liked or the popcorn I kept dropping?)

      Seriously, we gathered the coven last night for the first viewing of this second season of Big Love. My initial impression was "OK" but as I pondered the theme last night, it made a little more sense. Every marriage, whether involving 1 wife or 3, goes through some tough spots where you look at it and think are we where we thought we'd be, are we secure in the roles we all hold and if not, what is it we want to change (I'm thinking mostly of the story line for Barb last night).

      Oh, who am I kidding. It is a show on HBO for crying out loud. Not a documentary on PBS....lets get back to the real questions: were those not the best mojitos you've had in a long time? And what makes a Mormon a Jack Mormon? Does it imply he doesn't know Jack about his faith? Or is he the wayward brother of Joe? Off to goggle the term since our resident member of the church couldn't answer our questions (although she did a great job of sharing other parts of her faith).

      Thanks ladies, I had a blast. Sure hope our other sister wife, Dodi can join us next time!

      Sunday, June 10, 2007

      Maria's Mosiac

      Maria's Mosiac
      Originally uploaded by mchang1112
      I'd totally spaced last week's challenge to try making a photo mosiac. And in celebration of my friend Maria-Teresa's excellent mosiac skills, I thought I"d share with you all our Maria in a mosiac.

      She sure is pretty isn't she?

      Again he cracked me up...

      Twice yesterday that boy had me laughing out loud. And considering how I was still trying to unwind from being all wound up, I'm so grateful for his natural innocence that often brings me to a point of laughing my hiney off!

      Last night I was watching Entourage. For someone who is fascinated by the celebrity scene (are drugs really that plentiful I wonder with my Midwestern naivety), this is a fun show. You just have to tune out the F bombs being dropped.

      Thing Two comes in and asks me "What are you watching?"
      I had already reached for the remote and put the player on pause, when I said "Honey, you can't watch this with me, there is too much grown up talk".

      "Oh don't worry Mom, I won't say any of the cause words".

      The what? I asked him...
      "You know the cause, well, I can't say them, can I spell them?"

      *still dazed and perplexed I said OK...yes, spell one..
      he points to his hiney and says you know...cause word like A.S.S.

      Oh...cue the rolling on the floor mean CUSS words.
      Um still can't watch the show because there is a bunch of other grown up things going on (making it my kind of show!).

      Saturday, June 09, 2007

      Oh well, at least he's practicing..

      "What are you doing, Thing Two?"
      ...With his head tucked into the tv cabinet, finger stretched out dragging it along the top of the VCR

      "Practicing my spelling Mom, I'm writing in the dust!"

      *ouch. But at least he's practicing...

      Catch you on the other side...

      Saturday morning. Coffee is brewed. Heading out to buy some doughnuts for all of us. (maybe my problem is that there is a carb deficiency in my system?). And then, off to the basement for a day of cleaning up and playing with my craft crap.

      You there? Either do your homework or go outside and play.
      We've had enough belly aching for this week, time to relax and recharge our batteries!

      Friday, June 08, 2007

      I'm tired...

      and I need to let go of my worries of the day. Nothing major. I've just spent the past school year trying to see the positive side of a situation and I'm just plain worn out. I lost it today and out came "CPT Blunt". She's my alter ego that tells it like it is. My dad coined the nickname (remember, we're big on nicknames in our family) back in my Army days. If you've not had the pleasure of meeting her, you are taken aback at first. But a girl can only take so much before she just has had enough.

      I've had enough...
      Do not disturb, as I appear disturbed enough...thank you very much...

      *now the true test will be whether this person who was the target of my frustration can handle it in a mature fashion. Good people can. They realize I was just being blunt. I'm not really mean spirited by nature. (because if I were then I'd be a sociopath and that's a totally different issue)Odds are she'll put her pretty little face into a pout that will carry her through until next year for sure.

      Thursday, June 07, 2007

      Happy Baby update

      We interupt this blog to remind you that yes, there are other adorable Chang boys out there besides just Thing One and Thing Two. Here's the latest photo of our handsome nephew, Baby E. According to Thing Two, he must be very strong because he's got really big muscles.
      As you can see, he remains a happy guy and is now crawling. Good Luck Ling and Carlos: your parenting adventure is about to take a new twist now that you've entered the stage of mobility!

      And then there were 12...

      Days of School left in this school year.
      Today is Field Day. You'd think they'd be up ready and waiting to rush off to school?
      Nah, we're all so ready for the year to end that even that isn't a much of a motivation for them this year.

      Wednesday, June 06, 2007

      It must be something in the wind...

      First I look for my car in the wrong parking lot.
      And now, my fellow blog pal and neighborhood coven member, Colleen can't seem to remember where she left her daughter. Preschool, right? Nope, seems Colleen forgot to take her daughter to school in the first place. Kind of hard to pick up your daughter from school when you never got her from the baby sitter's in the first place.

      *you had to be there, but it was rather funny. Her older daughter stole the moment though when she honestly asked her mom "can you forget to take me to school tomorrow?"

      Yep...something in the wind...because surely it has nothing to do with our age or hair color!

      Monday, June 04, 2007

      There's happy and then there's sappy

      This past week, I managed to read two books. Yes, I know, I need to get a life. But really, this is my favorite time of year to read. The days are getting longer. There is nothing on t.v. worth watching. At least until next week when Big Love premieres (fingers crossed someone out there will take pity on me and at least tape HBO because I'm too cheap to pay for it). So, I read.

      The first book I read was Queen of the Big Time by Adriana Trigiani. The story spans the life of one woman as she grows up in NE Pennsylvania. I found myself thinking of my own mother and grandmother as they started out on the farm, and moved into town. The author tells a fine story and creates enough drama to keep you interested but doesn't take that turn from happy (or feel good) to sappy. Overall, I'd consider it a good summer, stretch out on the couch, sip your cold one and read sort of book.

      Now for sappy, I found myself reading Nora Robert's Midnight Bayou. I admit it has been a very long time since I've read anything by good ole Nora. And my memory is fading, but sheesh, I don't remember her being such a heavy duty sap of a writer. HELLO? I don't think even gay men give speeches with such melodrama that this main male character was delivering. Sorry to the N.R. fans out there, but this one was over the top romantic nonsense and sap. And yet, I still finished it. Because...well, sometimes you just need sap, don't you?

      Aside from reading, I also was able to steal away down to the craft room to play for awhile. It's been a long stretch( by my standards) and it felt good to play. The photos weren't the most inspiring (sometimes there is a reason that they sit there unscrapped for close to 2 years). But, once I found the right sketch and the right paper, I"m pleased with how they turned out. What do you think?

      Now I really must get back to being a wife and mother. I've been rather selfish this weekend taking time to pursue my own interests. Oh well, my guys love me enough to give me that time...I'm a pretty luck gal, aren't I? Oh, and yes, just a wee bit spoiled...I know.

      Saturday, June 02, 2007

      Sounds that annoy

      Have you ever noticed how when you are the one operating the following noisy gadgets, the sound isn't nearly as annoying as when you are the one just hearing the noise?
      • lawn mowers
      • hair dryers
      • vacuums
      • video games
      • the obnoxious vent over the stove.

      It is a beautiful day here. I've got the windows wide open. And while I"m glad that one of the neighbors is doing some lawn chores (sadly not the ones with weeds covering their backyard), the sound of his lawnmower is enough to drive me to drink.

      Oh who am I kidding? The sound of the five boys I'm tending to makes me crave alcohol...I"m just looking for supporting evidence to allow me to pop open a cold one long before it is 5 o'clock ANYWHERE!

      The Challenged Artist

      This week's blog challenge, courtesy of Stacy over there in Cowtown:
      • "Every child is an artist.The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."-Pablo Picasso
        Reflect on this quote. What was the first piece of art your created? Were you artistic as a child? Did you love to color? Did you learn any art forms - needle arts, painting, sculpting? Did anyone nurture your creativity? Were you drawn to any specific type of art? Has your child created something that he was proud of? Are you still an artist today? In what way? Do you consider scrapbooking an art? Choose any aspect you like, but incorporate a childhood artist somehow into your story. Dig deep, and have fun discovering your forgotten childhood artist

      I'm sure if my parents were available for comment, they would have some truly embarrassing story involving me and art created on an inappropriate surface using a non-kid appropriate medium. But since they aren't around, I can only guess that yes, I enjoyed creative expression since I was a child. I can't recall the first piece of art. Nobody in the family was big into keeping those preschool masterpieces. There are a few odds and ends drawings stuck in a box that somebody thought worth saving, but no real story behind any of it.

      Now as an adult looking back, I think of myself more as a crafter than an artist. I guess because next to nothing I make is an original idea. Sure I take a pattern and make it my own. But to make something start to finish without any copying involved, it happens so infrequently that I just don't think about it much.

      And yet, I am perfectly OK with all of this! Before taking up scrapbooking, I was a huge cross stitcher. I still have a couple of my favorite works tucked away here and there. One of my first projects I made and had framed was for my great uncle. He loved trains and so one year we made him a train. I'd long forgotten about it. Until one day, a package arrived containing the cross stitched train piece. Uncle Jack had passed away. Somebody (either my dad or my aunt) noticed my name on the back and sent it back to me. How perfect to receive this piece of work...especially as I was pregnant with Thing Two, expecting my second son who would one day become fascinated with trains as much as his great great Uncle Jack did.

      That's what makes me pursue my current favorite craft with such passion. The thought that someday my boys will look at our family albums with their children and be reminded of the many fun things we enjoyed as a family.

      It really is all about telling the story, isn't it?

      Friday, June 01, 2007

      The blond leading the blond

      Today my friend Fran and I got together for a LONG overdue lunch date. Afterwards, we walked across the parking lot for a wee bit shopping. Strolling back across the parking lot, yacking as we go, we realize both our cars are MISSING. Oh crap! What to do What to do?

      Initially, Fran calls her husband while I dig out my cell phone to call mine. While doing so, my mind immediately races to the "how do I pick up my kids from school, Hubby has his motorcycle, and I refuse to ride on the back" to a quick "oh, what kind of car should I get as a replacement?". Such a full blown conversation goes on in my brain in a matter of seconds. Some folks see their lives flash before them in a moment of panic and crisis. Nope. I saw an assortment of really pretty mini-SUVs in my mental image. Most were silver by the way and had that Mercedes star on the hood!

      When suddenly Fran looks up from her call and said "it would help if we were standing in front of the RIGHT restaurant, wouldn't it?"

      I belly laughed till well, I almost had a moment of incontinence to go with my senior moment.
      Good fun, good times and most importantly, shared with a truly good forever friend!