Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Puppy Love

Thing Two tells me on the way home from school yesterday that "You and Dad are in Puppy Love". I said "Hmm, where did you learn about that?".

His usual response is "the internet" (which although sometimes is true, more often it is a stall or delay tactic which ties into his quirks). Anyways, this time I was happily surprised when he told me "the ILC". For those not familiar with our local terms of special ed, that's the self contained classroom that he goes to occasionally for pull out support.

Oh really I said and paused for him to fill in the rest of the story...because with the Things there is ALWAYS a rest of the story. He continued with:

"Yep, Mom, when two young people are in love, you call it puppy love".

Younger brother, Thing Two chimes in with "so, what do you call it when old people are in love?"

Without even a pause, or moment of hesitation, Thing One proudly decided "well, I guess that is called Dog love becaue they aren't young anymore!"

Oh my, that just made my day. Popsicles all around guys,! You put a smile on Mom's face when she really needed it most!


tz said...

hahaha, clever 'things' you have.

Anonymous said...

Aw that's sweet! You know, nothing is better for kids then knowing that their parents love each other. You done good! :)