Saturday, November 04, 2006

Operation MCB revealed

Today one of my nearest and dearest friends joined me and several other wildly wonderful women when she became a member of "The Club!". Yep, THAT club: over 40, where we are pink with just a hint of gray tossed in (and if my salon lady does a good job, that gray is barely noticed).

It is a rather fun place to be. You find yourself a little more willing to say what's on your mind, cut your losses and move on when things aren't working out and you also start to appreciate that laughter really is good for the soul!

To honor this special friend on her special day, I planned two surprises. And although I really am not into surprise parties at all (and seriously, I mean that. I want to know when I need to put on the under eye concealer and pick out a new shade of lipstick. If you are going to celebrate me, give me the opportunity to have my best face possible in attendance. I just don't do surprise parties). But, that doesn't mean I'm not into surprises in general. It is the whole party part I don't like.

The first suprise was something I'd done before. But, I must say, this is the first time I"ve encountered as much enthusiasm from the participants as I did with this party. Just shows you how much Carol is appreciated by those that know her (or, she just knows a lot of people and the numbers were in our favor. But, I"m inclined to believe it is the former). It's called a Shower of Cards.

One afternoon, I borrowed Carol's address book (while she was at work, her husband loaned it to me). I then copied the addresses of pretty much everyone in it. Sent them a letter, asking that they mail a birthday greeting to my accomplice, Caroline. Our goal was to collect at least 40 cards. We easily reached and passed that goal. We put them all in one big box and she opened it thinking it was just some birthday present.

Oh my gosh: the look on her face when she realized some of the people I'd contacted and asked to join in this surprise fun, well....No longer was it make Carol bawl, it was "pass this tissues to old Martha". She really was touched by it all: as she glanced through the cards, and would call out "Ms. G sent me a card?" (her son's kindie teacher)

Truly we could have stopped right there and the operation would have been deemed a success.

But nope, now on to phase two of Operation Make Carol Bawl (MCB): my gift. For those readers in the scrapbooking world, you probably know about Z Becky Brown purses.

When I first saw one, I immediately thought of Carol. It seemed to be just her "thing" and I was thrilled to figure out MONTHS in advance what I would be getting her. Oh don't worry, I still waited until the last minute to put it all together.
And, I must say I'm thrilled with the way it turned out. With help from Ms. Shirley (Carol's mum), I was able to include an assortment of photos from various chapters in her life.

Yet, in the process, I discovered I had not a SINGLE picture of her and I together. Oh no, I'm not talking single good picture. I"m talking single picture at all. Don't worry, I fixed that error today and now I have not only a picture of us together, but a good picture too!

And yes, the purse was a hit. Crafty Me strikes again.
But, gee, I gotta stop. It is time to dial down the surprises and get back to the routine of life.
Nah, you know I can't do would just be so un-Martha like.


tz said...

You did a GREAT job. You could always put on your resume, 'great at making my friends cry'

ColleenO said...

Hey! you need a closer upclose on the purse. THAT's COOL!

Carol said...

Wow, and a great entry in the blog to boot. Thanks again Martha for taking on Operation MCB. You pulled it off beautifully. What a true gem we have all found in you. With many more memories to come.

Carol - the newest, proudest member of the gang.