Monday, November 20, 2006

Kiss Goodbye the "Best Day Ever!"

Thing One has been a very excited boy these past few days. Ever since his class earned a party and they decided it would be a "hand held game day". Yep, they'd get to bring the usually forbidden game boys and play with their pals for an hour. Talk about a dream come true! He started a countdown to the "Best Day ever". Each morning, he would announce how many more days until "all his dreams came true" and he got to play Pokemon with his classmates.

He was truly over the moon with excitement.

Yes, that's right, was over the moon. Now, we're struggling with the flow of tears that breaks your heart as a parent. Game Day had to be postponed. The class is going on a field trip in the morning and naturally the teacher didn't want such items on the field trip. Nor did it seem like a safe situation to have students bring such pricey items and leave them unattended in the classroom. Granted, school typically is a safe place but if even one slightly untrustworthy type knew that there were riches to be had in Rm. 35, well it could become problematic.

As an adult, I get it.
As a protective Momma Bear: well, don't go breaking my boy's heart. I know you didn't mean to, but you did. So, between this and the Bolivian Conspiracy, I'm fighting back.
Told Thing One that I would have his Game Boy with me and when he got back tomorrow, he could come to my classroom and get his game boy. And, while the rest of the class has a movie party with rootbeer floats, he'll be watching his Pokemon Movie on his game boy.

If she can change the rules, so can I!
At least now he's no longer sobbing!


Anonymous said...

and the mystery solved for us bystanders at school. Does this teacher have kids? maybe she didn't 'get' it.
anyway, good for you to give him his own special game boy party.

Martha said...

So, I take it you saw the heart breaking sobs? She'd made the announcement while he was being pulled out and he had to hear it from a classmate!

And while most kids just roll with it, part of his quirky nature is that he's obsessive: both in his anticipation and now in his disappointment. That's where she just doesn't "get" my child. And, it's why I took him in so she could SEE the look of heartbreak on his face. By golly, by the end of the year, she will get it, even if I die trying....