Saturday, November 25, 2006

House, MD

A friend recently mentioned that this was her new favorite show. Since I appreciate her taste in books, I thought I"d give it a try. I checked out season one on DVD from the library.

Oh my! Within the first 30 minutes, both hubby and I are hooked.

So much that I am finally motivated enough to go buy a replacement DVD player for our current one that keeps freezing or skipping. I found it too annoying last night to deal with but I was too hooked on this show to give up all together and go to bed.

Now we're wondering how in the world has this show already aired 2 seasons and is into their third, and we are just now learning about it? Makes me wonder what other good tv is out there that we've missed? Any suggestions?


tz said...

love House! have you watched Monk, he's always funny.

agent713 said...

I'll vote for the "you've been living under a rock" theory :D

I *LOVE* House. The fact that he is played by Hugh Laurie is just icing on the cake!