Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bolivian Conspiracy

Thing One has to do a report on an international city. To save us all the frustration of listening to 22 reports on the same city (because even I"m not a teacher and I know they'll all do the copy cat thing if you let them), the teacher assigns them a city. Thing One will be learning all about La Paz. (and well, so shall we, because come on, admit it, we help our kids with their projects!)

First, I took a quick peek over at wikipedia to make sure that I knew where LaPaz is. Yep, Bolivia. Thought so. But, it's been awhile since I've needed to know this fact so I wanted to make sure.

Next stop, the local library's online catalog. I like to know before we head over there what books they have vs. which ones we might need to request from inter-library loan. (Hush, I'm a Martha, these things I can't help...being organized and efficient).

That's when I decide it is a conspiracy against me and my precious child.
For what do I discover? Of the 4 books that I figure might be appropriate, (you know, children of Bolivia, Culture and Customs, all the Jr. Nonfiction stuff), THREE ARE MISSING! No, not checked out, not out for repair, stinking MISSING!

Geez, just when I thought the teacher was starting to like me and my kid, I run into THIS problem. I just KNOW she did this on purpose....and it is a conspiracy against us. "See if he can get the report done without library books".

Well, as many of you know, I"m the queen of Google. We will manage somehow...and if not, Plan B is to ask if he could please do a report on La Coruna( I'm sure with a little help from his friends he could do a kick-arse job!)

And finally, if you think I really believe she did this on purpose, then you just don't get me and my love for spinning a good yarn!


Anonymous said...

I am almost sure she checked the library before assigning him bolivia....if i had only known, i would have taken my trip there!

tosin said...

Sounds like a set up to me. Next thing you know, she'll be accessing your parental controls to block websites with Bolivia facts.


tosin said...

PS. Good for you for knowing where LaPaz is. I would have had to resort to my old pal Google.

(How did we learn before Google again?)