Monday, January 30, 2006

Keep Me Accountable

I'm hoping if I list my week's plan of attack, I might just have a chance of staying on task. We shall see if this theory actually works.
  • Monday: start to pack the upstairs. Work on the Curio Cabinet, and the Things Room
  • Tuesday: errand day. Bank, Post Office, drop off insurance paperwork, library return, meet with home inspector, finance man and security company.
  • Wednesday: work on the basement. Purge toys and other non essential items. Pack up the boys book collection and seldom used toy items.
  • Thursday: the craft room. Empty vertical file cabinet and white craft closet
  • Friday: take some time for myself. Hair appoint at 11am. LONG overdue. Not enough time to address the root problem but get a good cut.
  • Saturday: work with the family on their projects. And off to Chinese New Year Lion Dance. Try not to repeat last year's stunt: had the "Barcardi Flu" from the night before and couldn't manage to make it to the dinner/dance.
  • Sunday: Church and re-evaluate the progress made in a week

And to get me started, I'll post a before picture of the craft room. Ok, so not a real before picture, I had cleaned it recently, just forgot to vacuum. Gotta run, lots to do, little time to do it all!

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