Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A house with a happy view

Today was the inspection on our new house. That's it in the top picture. We're pleased to report that the incredibly thorough inspector found nothing in the "deal breaker" category and created a long list of "honey dos"...pointing out trim that needs touch up, lose nails on the siding. Plenty to keep us both busy in the coming months.

The highlight for hubby was discovering that the garage has a SINK! Oh my, those pampered girls will get sponge baths year round now! For me, the surprise was discovering some built in cabinets in what will become the rec room in the basement and a ceiling fan in the front room (something I've always wished we had but the headache of installing in a room with a cathedral ceiling was more than either of us felt passionate about pursuing).

For Thing One, I think his pleasant surprise will be the view from the backyard. Yep, I've posted it below. That's our current house. Which you can easily see from our new backyard. He's been a bit worried about leaving the only home he's known and I think this will be a source of comfort for him. For Thing Two: it is hard to say what surprise he'll find. He was pretty excited to learn about that sink in the garage. He's gonna be a car guy just like his dad I think!

And for those that are curious, yes, I'm still on task with my to do list. Even managing to get to some over due letter writing to family and friends.

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Mel said...

Congrats on the dream house!! Very cool!