Friday, January 27, 2006

Being Practical isn't always the most fun...

The past 10 days here at the House of Chang have been interesting to say the least. It started when I noticed that our "dream house" was for sale. We contacted a realtor, toured the dream house, we fell in love with it (as we knew we would), we scrubbed our house, even had a showing. And then we crunched the numbers and our practical side took over. Yes, it is a beautiful home and has those few extras that we wish the current House of Chang had. But we just couldn't justify the financial chaos that would result if we paid the current owners what they were wanting.

So, for now we shall continue to call this place home! And you know what, it will be ok! We've pinched those pennies for so long, worked to get a household budget that doesn't result in frustration whenever an unexpected bill shows up and we've gotten to the point where Hubby can take the "risk" of being his own boss. Why risk all this household happiness for just another house?

Yep, being practical is a bummer some times....but at the end of the day it works for us


Stacy said...

beautiful, gorgeous photo. I LOVE IT!

Sorry about the dream house. Why *IS* is that we're never satisfied? But good for you for being practical. :)

off-topic: we're coming to CO for vacation this year. Will camp in the Gunnison area. I had to look up your town to see if it'd be anywhere close by. Rats. It's not!

Martha said...

Ah bummer, I'd love to meet you and your family! But maybe those of us CO-SSers will have to road trip to Gunnison to meet up with ya'll? We're already considering switching the date of our Fall retreat so that is DOESN"T conflict with the TX event!

PS: tune in later for a house update. All things come to those who wait!