Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another Blast from the past...

Isn't he CUTE???? This weekend while searching the computer for some files, I found these digital pictures. I'm not sure how these pictures ended up on my computer: I didn't embrace digital technology until late in 2002. And as I look back I think: what a fool I was. Staying attached to film, negatives and no delete button for way too long!

Today we are off to the indoor swimming hole. The Things are "off track" (please don't ask me to explain, suffice to say they don't have school this week) and they have been SO patient with mom and dad these past couple days. Today is all about THEM!

And yes, I"ll be taking my digital camera with me to capture all the fun and excitement...
PS: check out those plump cheeks and those tiny hands. God makes them so cute...somedays that is their only saving grace, eh?

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