Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Right Now- January 2023 Recap

 Right now

I'm listening to an audiobook called Women Talking-  it's a fictional story based on the true events involving assaults on women living in a strict Mennonite colony in Bolivia in the mid 2000s.   It is a tough book to follow- as the names sound either traditional old German, Biblical or Bolivian and with at least 6 main characters I struggled to keep them all sorted out.  The themes are curious- forgiveness, faith, patriarchy, community.   Some tough knots to untangle- that is for sure.   

But sometimes- Owen and I enjoy a book that makes us think...

I'm loving that the month is coming to a close.   I came back from my winter camping adventure- motivated to eat right, exercise, drink my water and just be committed to a state of wellness..  I confidently notified my employer that come June- I was moving on to new adventures.    I was participating in a challenge called Dry January (no alcohol) and even started doing daily yoga.   I felt great-

And then BAM- the mother of all colds found me to be a vulnerable host- probably because there was no alcohol to keep those germs at bay?   As I started to recover, Mother Nature decided to show us proud Coloradans what she really is capable of.  

Snowstorm after snowstorm, followed by sub zero temps-  Ok, lady- we get it- we are grateful for all the sunshine and breaks you usually give us between storms and we promise not to take your weather patterns for granted.

So with this- it was a pretty light picture taking month.   I did finish up the month with a ladies trip to the mountains- but even then I snapped only a few photos worth keeping.   

An adorable VRBO in the tiny mining town of Georgetown
Who knew Gluten free could be so delicious?!!!

I'm feeling  depleted.   Fingers crossed it's just the January blahs that reached an epic proportion this year.   Hoping that February brings a feeling of renewal- and I can get back on my 2023 journey towards wellness!  

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