Thursday, September 15, 2011

The tears were a flowing...

Sobbing Student: "Will I still be able to go to the parade?"

Sensitive Nurse (that would be me): "I'm not sure, that is up to the dean"

Sobbing Student: "Because you know, that is the only reason I came to school today. I wasn't feeling good, but I really wanted to go to the homecoming parade"

Sensitive Nurse: "I know, but it really won't be my decision"

Sobbing Student: "Well, can you at least tell me, is my mascara ok? It isn't ruined is it?"

Sensitive Nurse: "no, it looks fine".

This is only funny because....Sobbing Student was a HE!

And yes, HE was able to attend the parade because he was not high.
His two pals? not so lucky...both with the dean's decision and the ruined mascara...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The family optimist

Thing One tells me on the way home from confirmation class "You know, when I'm in high school, I won't be able to go to this class. I"ll be too busy."

"Ok, what will you be busy doing?"

"Well, when the chicks call, I'll need to be ready".

Yep...the family optimist...convinced that all he'll need to do is wait for the phone to ring...