Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 on the 12th: Feb. Edition

06-something...the moon is shining brightly.  That must explain the two grouchy Things that woke up soon after I took this photo.
0800:  What's on the daily chore list?  I've recently started to use the calendar from Motivated Moms.  Much like FlyLady only with a nicer tone.  Helps me stay, well, motivated...
1000:  checking out the grocery ads and making my list.  
1030:  ACK:  Thing One hasn't finished his valentines.  Mom to the rescue (they are book marks with a note on the back saying "practice random acts of reading").  Thought it was appropriate since the boy always has his nose in a book.  
1330:  Managed to make some cards for their teacher (a male teacher:  that was a challenge to come up with the right design.  Thing One approved and wrote inside "Good Luck Ice Fishing.  Don't fall in or you will get cold and wet!"  Yeah, he's a real sentimental one, isn't he?    The popcorn treats are for the monthly luncheon tomorrow at the school.  This month's theme:  snacks.  It should be themed OVER KILL (yeah, my rant...why have a teacher appreciation luncheon on the same day as all the Valentine's Day parties?  I'm so not a PTO type...I just bring what they need and keep my comments to myself...usually...)
2:45:  Thing One...sporting the look that greats me most days.  Poor kid, he works so hard to keep it together at school that when he sees me, he often just melts.  
2:55:  finally Thing Two approaches.  He takes his own time...he visits with friends and gets to chatting.  Time slips away.  Hmmm...wonder where he gets this trait from?  
4:30:  Tutor Time.  It's helping...they are both getting faster and more accurate on their basic math facts.  Our school curriculum just doesn't spend much time doing the basics.  
5:15:  Dinner time.  Hubby is out of town and Thing Two has scouts in 45 minutes.  Have I mentioned I hate Thursdays?  The pace is rather crazy...
6:00  Time for scouts.  They are taking a behind the scenes tour of the library.  

9:00:  I realize I have only 10 photos and I'm too tired to go take two more.  Instead, let's see what I can find online...Ah forget it...I've got a cold one poured and the TiVo is ready to roll.  Maybe next month...I'm done!  


ganelle said...

Love the photo journaling. I think things like that are going to be our favorites in the future - not the highlighted days, but REAL LIFE!

Char said...

I love your 12 of 12...well 10 of 12 ;) I really should start doing this! LOL. I just dont think I would remember! HHAHA. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life.

shirley said...

You definitely had a full day! 10 pictures is good enough, I say!