Friday, February 27, 2009

A tale of two artists

I think it is pretty safe to assume that "pottery artist" can be removed from Thing One's career possibilities.
I give you, Exhibit A:

But as for Thing Two, the jury is still out on his artistic potential.  He calls this "When animals collide" and tells me it is what he imagines happening if you combine a bear, a hawk, a platypus, kangaroo and porcupine (or as he wrote "porkypine).  He did several similar creations but this is the only one I was able to sneak away from him.  Apparently, I embarrass him when I share his art work!  See, he's even got the whole emotional angst going to make it as an artist. 
P.S.:  I'm not sure what's up with the Abe Lincoln hat but this past month, everything has had a "president's hat" attached to it.  I guess that is his trademark feature.
PPS:  Now take that Ms. Colleen...two blog entries in two days!  That'll teach you to give me grief.  At least my friend Fran is more discrete in her "hey, update your blog" nags...she sent me an email asking if I was ok since I hadn't blogged in over a week.   The message might be the same, but it's all in the can tell Fran works for in human resources!  Hee Hee...  Come on Fran, out of lurkdom, comment on the blog!  
PPPS:  enough with all this nonsence...I'm due at the is Spirit Day and I'm working the school store.  Come on now, get your pencils, erasers, over priced ball caps!  We got you covered!  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thinking of You Thursday

Today, I'm thinking of my dad.  He'll never see this...he doesn't understand face book, message boards and certainly not blogging.  But, at 75, I guess that's ok.  He does understand email and the benefits of high speed Internet access so I'll call it good in terms of his familiarity with the technology driven world we live in

According to the email I got a few weeks ago,today  Dad is on his way to Costa del Sol today.  Yes, he's in Spain.  For a man who grew up on a farm in rural WI,  he sure has managed to explore many parts of the world.  

I'm thinking about him: hoping he's having a good time, wearing proper sun gear (he had a skin lesion removed earlier this winter).   I'm hoping he's getting enough rest and not getting grouchy tired and taking it out on his traveling companion.  

I'm thinking that I hope I am never faced with some of the challenges he faced in his adult life.  He lost his job with one daughter in college and another daughter about to start college.  A year later, his wife would be diagnosed with breast cancer that would end up taking her life.

But if I do get thrown such life altering difficulties, I hope I can face these challenges with the determination he has shown.  He stood by my mom for the four plus years she battled breast cancer, when lesser men might decide to take an easier way out.  He continued to work and plan for a carefree retirement.  And since retiring, he's made the most of these "golden years".  He has honored my mother's memory by taking these adventures that he'd hoped to share with her.  

By the way, my dad did not work in corporate America, with multi-million $ bonuses.  Nope, he was a hard working teacher/educator. He manages  all this retirement fun  on a teacher's pension!  
These two water colors that I've included?  Done by Dad at his recent "elder hostel" paint class that he took earlier this month in Palm Beach, CA (or maybe it was Palm Desert, I admit, I don't pay close attention to everything he does).  

Yeah...I think about Dad...but I certainly don't worry that he's withering away during his retirement ...the proof is in his passport!  That man knows how to retire on a budget and in style!
And that is something I hope Hubby and I can also manage to do...  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thinking of you Thursday

While not as fun as my friend Dodi's "SMA Friday's", I think I'll try a Thinking of You Thursday. On Thursdays, when the mood strikes me and I'm remembering to do so, I'll  give a shout out to someone who has been in my thoughts a lot lately.

Today, it's my sister and her family.  They live in Detroit.  My BIL works in the auto industry.  You get the idea:  their lives are rather stressful these days.  But, they are doing the best they day at a time, one rumor at a time and  even finding time for some laughter now and then.  She sent this cartoon to me today and I thought I'd share it on my blog.  Hang in there, L.  This too shall pass...and well, I've got my fingers crossed about those DOE opportunities here in CO!  :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Watch out...I'm going in..

Send chocolate if I don't emerge soon....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Floral Delight

He's a good man...he came home from his motorcycle ride with these.  I'd picked up the bottle earlier in the week.

While we don't usually celebrate this holiday, I must admit the kitchen smells delightful and it makes me happy to see fresh flowers in the kitchen.

Hubby, you are a keeper...

Friday, February 13, 2009

The reviews are in...

and it isn't good.
Seems Mr. "store bought valentines are so predictable" is also the resident critic.  (yeah, now I really wonder where he gets THAT from).

"Nobody put in any effort on their valentines.  Did you see this one?  She didn't even bother to punch out the heart and attach the pixie sticks.  Lame...very lame!"

Mother hangs her head  in shame...because she knows he's learned this from somewhere and  it isn't his father....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 on the 12th: Feb. Edition

06-something...the moon is shining brightly.  That must explain the two grouchy Things that woke up soon after I took this photo.
0800:  What's on the daily chore list?  I've recently started to use the calendar from Motivated Moms.  Much like FlyLady only with a nicer tone.  Helps me stay, well, motivated...
1000:  checking out the grocery ads and making my list.  
1030:  ACK:  Thing One hasn't finished his valentines.  Mom to the rescue (they are book marks with a note on the back saying "practice random acts of reading").  Thought it was appropriate since the boy always has his nose in a book.  
1330:  Managed to make some cards for their teacher (a male teacher:  that was a challenge to come up with the right design.  Thing One approved and wrote inside "Good Luck Ice Fishing.  Don't fall in or you will get cold and wet!"  Yeah, he's a real sentimental one, isn't he?    The popcorn treats are for the monthly luncheon tomorrow at the school.  This month's theme:  snacks.  It should be themed OVER KILL (yeah, my rant...why have a teacher appreciation luncheon on the same day as all the Valentine's Day parties?  I'm so not a PTO type...I just bring what they need and keep my comments to myself...usually...)
2:45:  Thing One...sporting the look that greats me most days.  Poor kid, he works so hard to keep it together at school that when he sees me, he often just melts.  
2:55:  finally Thing Two approaches.  He takes his own time...he visits with friends and gets to chatting.  Time slips away.  Hmmm...wonder where he gets this trait from?  
4:30:  Tutor Time.  It's helping...they are both getting faster and more accurate on their basic math facts.  Our school curriculum just doesn't spend much time doing the basics.  
5:15:  Dinner time.  Hubby is out of town and Thing Two has scouts in 45 minutes.  Have I mentioned I hate Thursdays?  The pace is rather crazy...
6:00  Time for scouts.  They are taking a behind the scenes tour of the library.  

9:00:  I realize I have only 10 photos and I'm too tired to go take two more.  Instead, let's see what I can find online...Ah forget it...I've got a cold one poured and the TiVo is ready to roll.  Maybe next month...I'm done!  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He stole my mojo

As I watched Thing Two make his very unpredictable Valentines, I was struck by how easily he just "created".  He didn't over think anything:  he just stamped, asked for some of those "do-dads" (translation:  brads) and within the course of a couple hours, cranked out all 24 valentines.
Then I tried to do the same.  I putzed, and puttered as I tried to find just the right stuff. I swear the kid stole my mojo....

But then I thought to myself I needed to take his approach, so I just grabbed my paper and some stickers and went work.  
Yep, sometimes they learn from us...and sometimes we learn from them...
Happy Valentine's Day to you...a bit early.  Yeah...just because some cards have been made, doesn't mean they will get mailed out on time...  

Saturday, February 07, 2009

That's my boy...

Thing Two announced "Mom, we need to get working on the valentines".  
Mom:  "OK, do you want to go and pick something at the store?." 
Thing Two:   "NO Mom, don't you know that store bought valentines are so...well, predictable!"

That's the good news...the bad new is that well....there are 24 kids in his class....
And this year, mom is backing off on creative control.  We'll see where we end up after all is said and done... 

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Time Flies when you are having fun

Wondering where did January fly off to?  Oh yeah..I was busy being the "fun" mom.  Oh well, back in school, back on track...Fun Mom flew off with the laundry fairy.  Hope the Things had fun while it lasted...snicker snicker (yeah right....we all know me way too well to fall for that)

Sunday, February 01, 2009


if Thing One will shoot me when he discovers that THIS is the photo I submitted to the yearbook people for the 5th grade 'dedication' section?