Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the day before Christmas...

and my neighbors reminded me what a wonderful community I live in!  

A week or so ago, I learned of a family in our neighborhood that has really fallen on some hard times.  I thought how can we help out this family?   So, I sent out a quick email and before I knew it...well, you can see the response.  Inside the one gift bag is all sorts of gift cards to local groceries and retail stores.  

You'd have to know our neighborhood to fully appreciate what a special place this is.  It's not as upscale as many of the communities that surround us.  We're a mixed community:  again, not necessarily ethnically diverse, but certainly economically diverse compared to many of the surrounding subdivisions.  

So, this morning I dragged my family out in the cold (actually, no dragging was required, they were all willing participants.  Thanks family!) to deliver these treats.

As we were heading home, Thing One remarked "Mom, that felt good!  I'm so happy we could help them!"  That alone brought a big smile to my face...because one thing about Thing One is, he doesn't necessarily appreciate the art of schmooze, so if he says it, chances are good he really does mean it.  

So, on this Christmas Eve...I hope you too were able to find a way to spread Holiday Cheer with those around you...and be reminded yet again of the truth that it really is better to give than to receive!  


tz said...

oh noooo, I forgot again to bing a gift certificate!

but awesome of you to cooridinate this all, I'm sure it helped them so much!

Colleen O said...

awh! your kids are giving me post holiday blues =/
It is a wonderful time of year.