Thursday, December 04, 2008

Got snow?

We do and the view out my window is simply beautiful. Yeah, I's beautiful because the calendar also shows we've got no where to go and all day to get there so I'm not outside driving in this mess.

Now for the less happy news. I'm sorry to report that we've had an ornament casualty here this year. Minnie has fallen to pieces.
As I look at her, I remember when I got her and all the joy that came with that California vacation back in '90. Laura, do you remember our trip?
I love that about my ornament collection: each one holds some story. And while I can't seem to remember what I had for dinner last night, I love how my memory just opens up when I look at my collection of ornaments.
Should I piece her back together or just remember who I was when I bought her? A 20 something Army LT. I had just graduated nurse practitioner school in Ft. Ord (yeah, back when it was a Fort and had a hospital) and was getting ready to drive across country by myself (I don't even like to drive downtown these days, did I really make it from CA to KY all by myself? I find that hard to believe). My sister flew out to spend some time with me. Many of my friends were spending their Christmas in Saudia Arabia, waiting for a war to start. I missed being deployed because I was in school. Sounds like a good thing, right? Not want to be with your friends, doing what you were trained to do. There is a fair amount of guilt that comes with being the ones that stay behind. I was a solidly single...determined that marriage and family just wasn't part of who I wanted to be...
We can't go back...nor do I really want instead, I think I'll find a new ornament to replace her with...something that reflects the Martha I am today...some 18 yrs later...happily married, mother of two, living in the 'burbs, sipping her coffee, watching the snow fall with a heart filled with joy! CHOOSE JOY!
*this month's blog challenge from Sherri is to choose joy. Throughout the month, I"ll ramble a bit about the joy I have in my life.

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Menjiness said...

Do I need to go find another Minnie ornament for you? I am close enough to Disneyland to go search. In the meantime, glue her back together and remember the stories that go with the ornament.