Monday, December 15, 2008

Got Global Warming?

We don't. At least for the next few days. Last night we set a new record: -15 degrees at the airport.

But 'tis ok: our furnace works fine, we've all got flannel lined jeans (gotta love LL Bean) and the outer gear to keep us warm. And let's just's good weather to snuggle up next to the ones you love!


ganelle said...

I'm all good with cold, right up to Christmas. Then, I'm about ready for Spring.

tz said...

when you can see your breath when you think about going outside...that's too cold

Sitting in Silence said...

40 Deg....What the ? Have you guy's got Aussie weather over there now LMAO xoxoxo

Martha said...

ACK: my little photo keeps changing. I guess I copied something from the wrong part of the website. Must ask my husband how he adds the weather block that doesn't warm up. It was COLD, very cold here earlier in the week.

And Danielle, you a funny girl!