Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gratitude Challenge: Day 18

Today, I'm grateful for Tuesdays.
OK, before you think I've just run out of ideas, that is so not the case (granted, it is getting harder not to repeat myself or cross over into the total sap zone but I"m still trying).

Nope, Tuesdays are different and I so appreciate and enjoy my Tuesday mornings. It starts with coffee with some friends at a locally owned coffee shop. The conversation flows freely, and the coffee is brewed to perfection. Where as Judy is probably my first Colorado friend, these ladies are my newest friends. We met last year when our boys were all in fourth grade together. And we quickly formed a bond and connection that doesn't happen as often as you might think it should. We made a plan to meet for coffee every Tuesday morning after we drop the kids off. It never seems to fail that when I'm with these ladies, the conversation turns "heavy"...from what is heaven like to how we all cope with loss of a loved one in different ways. As a stay at home mom, I don't often get to use that side of my brain: the deep thinking, stimulating conversation side that I use when having coffee with these ladies. Next year, our kids are all heading off to different middle schools and I hope with all my heart that we continue our Tuesdays at Carinos coffee date!

Around 9, we finish up our coffee, say our goodbyes and I head off to the school for my weekly volunteer time. I'm grateful that Thing Two's teacher still welcomes parent volunteers and always has a basketful of projects for me to tackle.

From there, I head out and do the errands for the week.

So you see, Tuesdays just has an order and a predictable plan to it that I often wish the rest of the week had. OK, maybe I don't wish every day was as orderly...because well, that would get boring. But at least on Tuesday, I know where I"ll be and what I'll be doing and for that I am most grateful!


Lee said...

You are indeed fortunate to find such a group of ladies. I too enjoy engaging "that part" of my brain on occasion if only just to test if it still functions :)

Menjiness said...

Awww, Tuesdays sound fun!!!

Joan said...

If I ever come to visit Martha, you can bet I want to join you for Tuesday coffee. I would love Tuesdays like that!

ganelle said...

Does the entire coffee shop yell out "Martha!" (as in "Norm!") when you walk in???

Sitting in Silence said...

What a beautiful Tuesday....I so need to find my life...I'm sure it's hiding these days...xoxo