Tuesday, June 03, 2008

House Arrest

Yep, I'm under house arrest today. Voluntarily I might add...
Seems Hubby is expecting a package from Ms. FedEX that we think I have to sign for. Not wanting to take any chances, I'm using this as my perfectly valid excuse to do nothing.
Even if I hang out in the basement, I run the risk of missing hearing the door bell ring. (we hear it but then by the time we race upstairs, they've given up on us being home).

So, I'm stuck here, on the main floor of the house...just waiting.
Yes, indeed it is a tough life that Mrs. Chang leads some days but somebody has to do it.

Hope ya'll are having a slightly more productive day than I am.

P.S.: I just finished watching Georgia Rule. Ok, now I know of two "pretty actresses" that don't really act, but are lucky that their personalities are needed in way too many films. Jennifer Aniston and now Lindsey Lohan. Girls: you'd better be saving your earnings now because I just can't see your skill maturing into class acts. Pretty soon, someone younger, and as pretty with just as much edge to them will come along and be willing to work for less. I personally am eager to see this new actress because both of you...are so yesterday...

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