Saturday, June 28, 2008

Heading Home

Next Saturday: Be there...or Be Square.

Waukesha Northstars...25 years later!

(Thanks Cathy for having us all over...)


tz said...

oooh, I had glasses like that too! I loved them, I felt so grown up...then I next got those super cool red round ones like sally jessey rafael...or was i hot stuff then...

do you get to see all of the people in the picture?

have a great time!

Martha said...

I'll be catching up with 4 of them in the picture. Two I've lost contact with and the gal on the end lives in Ft. Collins (imagine that?) but is currently with her husband for a long term "international" work assignment in Vancouver. Oh yeah, I could enjoy that sort of international livin'!

ganelle said...

Love the lace collar! Maybe we should start "flashback friday" with old pictures.

It's healthy to laugh at ourselves, don'tcha think?

Colleen O said...

So your saying that was. . . 1983?
You were just a baby!