Sunday, June 15, 2008

Guest Blogger...the Father's day edition

Keeping things fair, Thing Two has again shared his wit and wisdom with us this Father's Day (just as he did for me on Mother's Day). Turning it over to you son,

  • He's as handsome as ...a model
  • He's as smart as ...Jimmy Neutron
  • He's as tall as ...a door
  • He's as funny as ...a clown
  • He's as happy as ...a rich guy
  • He's as strong as ...Indiana Jones
  • He's as hungry as ...a lion
  • He's as nice as cream!

I'd have to agree son...your dad is all that and more!!


Lee said...


Colleen O said...

Rubber up?

Charlie6 said...

she meant to say "keep the rubber side down", or the shiny side terms of riding one's motorcycle.

Martha said...

and now I've deleted it...since I'd goofed..

ganelle said...