Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 on the 12th

A day filled with a little bit of this and a little bit of that...
0630: a last minute review...
0730: wishful snoozing
0930: 3rd time is the charm
A friendly PSA: you may have $ in the bank, but they can make you jump through some hoops to find the right branch that will release your $ to you.
0945: No turning back, she's ours
1215: off for a little me time

3:00: One short walk all alone for the boys, one GIANT step for the Helicopter Mom
3:15: Results of Me Time
4:00 Advil fails, will try something stronger
4:15: Reward for finishing homework early

5:00 Still wondering what this move is all about. Thing Two keeps you guessing that's for sure
6:00: What shall we name our new little Fraulein?

6:15: Haven't killed 'em off yet...3 weeks...we might be on our way to a new record. Remember, I am the Martha with the brown thumb...


Kaye said...

Last year, I kept some plants alive all summer. I was thrilled! Isn't that sad?

My kids make fun of me because I killed a cactus one time. I thought cacti were indestrucible. Apparently not when I'm around!

BuddiesMomma said...

Love the new haircut!