Friday, April 18, 2008

Trying to make sense of it all

Thing Two is my thinking/questioning one. (Thing One is quick to admit "not going to think, I"m off track" and trust me, his track off attitude reflects this admission). This morning out of the blue the youngest one asks "what's the point in having a middle finger if you can't raise it?"

I think I"ll leave that one to he wasn't buying my explanation about all the things we're able to do because of our five digits not just four.


ganelle said...

What's the point of having a butt if you can't scratch it?
What's the point of having a nose if you can't pick it?

Really, he kinda makes a good point.

Not that I'm advocating children perpetrating obsenities.

Lee said...

Very funny. Sounds like the questions I get around here. Best left for daddy ... to laugh, then answer ;)

tz said...

that was pretty funny!

Colleen O said...

Does this mean that you'll soon be buying him one of those black velvet posters - the one with the little mouse giving the inspirational "up yours" to the eagle that's about to snatch him up?

I sure hope they still make those.

redlegsrides said...

hubby has an answer:

Ilaunch into long-winded discourse on the origin of said gesture, harking back to the times of the battle of Hastings when English longbowmen under King Henry the V I think, faced off against the cream of French chivalry.

The gesture is derived from the bowmen taunting their french foes by showing them their middle finger and yelling: "I can still pluck yew!". Over the centuries...its degraded somewhat to the more current definition.

This to signify that the French habit of cutting off a captured enemy archer's middle finger so he could not draw a bow was something they, the English, dared them to try.

The French armored knights, chivalrously charged the English position of pikes and bowmen and were shot off their mounts resulting in typical French military actions: retreat.

The English won that battle, took back part of Normandy, King Henry marries a French Princess to end the hostilities....blah blah blah blah.

I figure Thing Two will be asleep by the second paragraph.