Monday, April 21, 2008

Cleaning Up

A snippet of last night's pre-bedtime exchange
"Thing One, time for your shower" hollered mom
"But why do I have to take a shower, I hate showers" replied the pre-teen, attitude and all
"Because you've played outside all day and ya stink" replied the mom

I finally get him upstairs and in the shower.
And you know what he does next?
Yep, starts singing and won't get out of the shower when I tell him "times up"
"Mom, don't you know I just love taking a shower, I don't want to get out"

And we wonder why mommies take to drinking??????????????


tz said...

I think drining is the only way to make sense of those little minds....

Lee said...

Pass some this way ... I'm getting the same push-pull attitude from mine!

Buddie said...

Hey that sounds like Buddie. He doesn't want to get in but when the water starts he loves it.