Monday, March 10, 2008

When it rains, sometimes it pours..

Imagine this: 3 updates in a day. But there ya have it...

This afternoon, I found Thing Two downstairs softly sobbing. I asked him what was wrong (as all I had done was send him downstairs to find a book to read) to which he replied "I've had a bad day and now I"m thinking that my future isn't too bright...I mean, come on MOM, have you ever seen a kid with glasses AND braces?" (side bar: no, he doesn't have braces yet, but if you've seen his teeth you'd know for sure it is a part of his future)

Oh how it took every ounce of my mommy energies not to burst out smiling.
Time for the group hug....and a dish of ice cream (he's so my son when it comes to drowning his worries in something sweet).


tz said...

ooooh, I want to hug thing 2 right now too...I hope the icecream helped.

Anonymous said...

You'd better shred any and all pictures of his Auntie from "those days" or he'll need the whole gallon of ice cream to comfort him.