Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter: Ready or not...

Here it came....

Yeah Yeah, I"m with everyone else, it came too early this year. I wasn't ready. We are barely into Spring, hardly recovered from "springing forward", how could it possibly be time for the Resurrection? Come on, if He can rise from the dead today, why not again in a couple weeks, when we're all more "ready"?

I think there has to be a sermon topic somewhere in all of this "not ready yet" but, I"m not a preacher, so I"ll skip that sermon.

But I am happy to say we managed to be ready for Easter.

We spent a lovely day with friends that are indeed like family to me. And yet, just like family, I don't get to spend nearly enough time with them just visiting and remembering when.
  • Like the fact that Jenny was there "when" I got pulled over for my first and only speeding ticket ever....back in 1986. She and the other friend were roaring with laughter because well, it just isn't in my nature to go too fast...but I was and I got caught. Jenny is also one of my few local friends that has met my mom and dad. Since my mom's been gone for nearly 20 years now, well, do the math...Jenny and I have been friends for a long long time. And interestingly enough, I didn't really like her all that much the first go around. It just goes to show you that sometimes that first impression is all wrong and you need to give people a second chance.
  • Or how about Judy...she was my first friend that I met when we moved here to CO. On a whim, I knocked on their door and invited them over for a Christmas open house. They came into our lives that December day and I am forever grateful for the friendship she and her family has given me and my guys these past 10 years. It also goes to show, that sometimes it is ok to open the door to a "stranger"...she might just end up becoming one of your dearest friends ever.

So as this Easter day winds to an end...I'm so grateful that I got my act together and was "ready for Easter!". The rewards of the day were so worth it!

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