Friday, March 28, 2008

Dream Interpretation

The past two nights I've had the same dream. I'm racing up a hill where someone has left their child. I bring the kid back down and head back up the hill, finding yet another kid. Over and over I'm going up that hill, bringing down a youngster.

While I have no idea why I'm headed up that hill (I'm not usually interested in such physical endeavors), Hubby had an answer for why I'm finding kids everywhere "Obviously you've been working with kids for too long".

I'm hoping that since today is our last day of school before our three week "track off" break, I can go back to my regularly scheduled dreams...without the hills and especially minus the kids that don't belong to me!


tz said...

oh happy track off day! also sounds like the same thing over and over

and could the top of the hill be a goal, that you aren't attaining because you're watching these children that aren't yours and you have to keep coming back down?

oh and there's a certain futility about it too

I so dig dream interp. even if i'm way off base....

agent713 said...

Weird, I had a similar dream. I was at the top of a hill and down at the bottom there was a small child walking along a very busy street. I *ran* down to rescue him but by the time I got there someone (probably you :P) already had him.

Very odd.