Tuesday, August 28, 2007

While it has a good beat..

You can't scrapbook to it. I scurried around yesterday, cranking out a lot of my chores in hopes of spending time today in my craft room. I thought I'd try something new: multi tasking. While scrapbooking, I'd pop in the DVD for Season 2 of Entourage. Normally, I just have music on or the background noise of cable TV.

The verdict? Not so good, at least from the crafty side of things. For some bizarre reason, I find this show highly addicting and distracting. So while I made a huge dent in my backlogged DVDs from Blockbuster, I made next to no progress in the scrapbooking department. This photo represents the entire amount of layouts completed during what was to have been my own private scrap-a-thon.

Instead, I had a marathon session of Vince, and his entourage.

I'd still call it a good day indeed....


tz said...

yes, but two more then i did!

Colleen Dobson said...

foiled by your own grand plan!

Dodi said...

Ari, Lloyd, and Drama.

Sigh! Such a good show!!!