Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Truth or Dare

Even as a kid, I stunk at this game. But, since Dodi asked so nicely and well...I'm sort of afraid of her, I will obey.

List 8 things about yourself, but make one of them untrue.

1. I've never read Little House on the Prairie 2. I've gone Hot-potting in Yellowstone 3. I've never been on a gondola ride in Venice 4. I've eaten jellyfish 5. I've never been skydiving 6. I've waited on celebrities 7. I've never been to the prom 8. I've many sister wives


tz said...

Andrew takes pretty good pictures...he must take after both sisterwives, aimee and martha....hmmm, never erad LHOTP? This is hard to beleive, I choose that as the untruth...

Colleen Dobson said...

Great picture Andrew! I'm thinking I remember something about thing1 (or was it thing2) taking you to the prom. . . I'm going with #7

wait, that would be a double negative. . . stop the presses. . . #5 - meaning you have been skydiving - next time 1/2 negatives and 1/2 positives will not be allowed.

Maybe it has more to do with it being 3:30 am? Nah

Dodi said...

Would jellyfish taste better with ketchup?

P.S. I am scary. This is true!!