Monday, August 06, 2007

Stormy Morning

Late yesterday, the thunderstorms rolled in and for a change, lingered. During the night, the thunder and lightening just wouldn't end. I was surprised that no scared little things came running to our room seeking comfort from the storm. I wondered how they were able to sleep through all that noise but grateful that they weren't crowding us in our bed.

This morning, they both woke up really grumpy. And the brotherly squabbles started with the very first words they uttered:
Thing One: "I had to sleep with the Thunder on my side of the bed last night".
Thing Two: "No, you didn't, it was louder on my side". *no, they don't share a bed, don't even share a room most nights.

Back and forth they bickered...there went that wishful thinking that they had slept through the storm. Nope, instead they were laying awake trying to one up each other on who had it worse when it came to experiencing the storm.

ah, I can tell it is going to be a rough start to day...


Dodi said...

For such an amazing storm it certainly is leaving a lot of residual crankiness in it's wake! We're all out of sorts here today!

tz said...

isn't it funny that they can bicker over who had the louder thunder...i in the right frame of mind love that in kids

but not least with my own.